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Flow Control Tap Shank Adapter

This is an excellent upgrade to our mini keg and growler tap systems.

One minor issue with small beer dispensing systems like ours is that in a full size kegerator you would usually have around 2 metres of beer line between the keg and the tap. This is left long for a good reason and there are a whole range of calculators out there to help you find the optimum length for your setup depending on the diameter of your lines, height from keg to tap etc.

Basically by increasing the length of the line you increase the amount of pressure you can have the regulator set to and still pour a good beer, if the lines are too short and the pressure is at the optimum 10-12psi you will just blow foam out the tap.

You can still pour a beer with a lower pressure. This is how you would use our system usually, you set the pressure between 3-5psi and pour like that however there is a drawback.

Without a pressure of around 10psi the CO2 from the beer will not be held in a dissolved state as well and will eventually begin to go flat after a long period of time if not consumed. This means that each time you finish pouring beers you should really increase the pressure to 10psi for storage - and then release it back down to 3-5psi when you want to pour again.

With one of these adaptors in place between the disconnect and the tap you can adjust the flow till you are pouring the perfect beer with the pressure set to what it would be in a bar / kegerator. Then use the included allan key to lock the adaptor in place and there is no fiddling anymore, just leave the pressure set to 10 psi till you finish the keg. 

If you don't yet own a tap yet you can get a premium stainless steel one with the flow control module built into it here


Ask a Question


Ask a Question
  • Have bought a stainless clip on ball tap. Am very happy with it. But have found out I need a flow control valve,will this one thread straight up to and are they in stock yet

    Hi Gary - Yes they are in stock and will work with your tap no probs (c:

  • Can I order a flow control please

    Hi Abe -
    Thanks for your message.
    Please reply to this with your email address and we will put you on a waiting list and let you know once they come back in stock. It may be a month or so but will let you know.

  • Can I please pre-order two of these flow control shank adaptors?

    Hi Aidan - Sure thing I will see if we can still get them in. it may be a few weeks or so before they are in however.  Fire an email through to and we can arrange payment. Cheers.

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