Party Tap Kit for Mini Kegs

This picnic tap system is our personal favorite (seriously it is!) it's not as glamorous looking as our other all steel tapping systems but it has a couple of features we think make it shine just as much and it will fit on any mini keg too!

Note* This price is for the picnic tap, injector and plastic top alone - does not include a mini keg or growler or gas canisters.

Co2 Gas Canisters: (needs these to run the tap)
Buy packs of 10 c02 canisters for $29 here
1. It is really lightweight, at 1/5 the weight of the steel systems this is perfect for taking out and about.
2. It is very easy to use. The steel tapping systems take a bit of getting used to especially if you haven't worked in a bar or have a home kegging system. The Flexi Tap is as simple as holding the tap over your glass and pressing the button.
3. It works with the keg lying down! This is something we think is awesome! Your keg can be lying on its side on a shelf in the fridge and you can still pour a freshly tapped beer, see the video below.
4. Despite being made of plastic they are very durable. They have virtually no moving parts or seals to replace so should last you for years of hard knocks. If something does break they are very affordable to replace.
5. It still uses 16g CO2 cartridges, not a pump as with many other picnic taps, so your beer will stay fresh and frothy for weeks.

The one feature the steel taps have that this lacks is a bleed valve. This can be easily overcome as you can still vent the oxygen in the keg after you fill it by not screwing the unit on all the way. Leave a few turns, push the CO2 injector for a couple of seconds to vent any oxygen then screw it on the rest of the way. Your beer is now sterile and void of any oxygen and will stay frothy and fresh for a couple of weeks!

This tapping system fits both the Hummer and the Johnson kegs.  This does NOT include a mini keg or growler, this price is for the picnic tap, injector and plastic top alone.

Ask a Question


Ask a Question
  • Will this fit the growler that Three Boys sell in their website?

    Hi Kurt - If you mean their Mini Keg Growler then yes:
    This one:


  • Can you use a soda stream bottle with the picnic tap ? Or do you need a regulator

    Hi Liam -
    Yes you do need the pro mini reg to use a sodastream cylinder - It would be very heavy and tricky to screw onto the picnic tap and so not recomended. You would be best to use the double ball lock top spear instead with remote line to connect the gas. (There is no remote line adapter to use on the picnic tap spear)
    Feel free to give us a call if you want to dicuss any finer details. Cheers.

  • What is the thread size on the unit? Does it fit non iKegger kegs and growlers?

    Yes all our tapping systems / spears will fit on any mini kegs. If you want to check you can always send a picture through. For growlers they need to have a screw top and you will also need our growler adapter. Cheers.

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