Build your own Tapped Fridge / Cooler / Jockey Box | Use your own Chil

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Build your own Tapped Fridge / Cooler / Jockey Box | Use your own Chilly Bin or Fridge

Be the envy of every passer by at the beach or bbq - or be that guy at the next work do with the best setup ever!  Super portable and multi use too.

This is a package of all the parts you need to use your OWN chilly bin OR Kegerator Fridge to put mini kegs into and install bar taps on the outside.

Fill your mini kegs, hook them up inside the cooler to a gas source, fill with Ice and maybe a few other things you want to keep cold and have ice cold beverage on tap all day long where ever you want!

The base kit comes with the following:

  • 2 x Long Tap Shanks ($40 each)
  • 2 x Chromed Brass Brumby Beer Tap with handles ($29 each)
  • Ezy clean beer line setup, 2x liquid disconnects & clamps ($45)
  • No Kegs or gas source included unless selected.
  • Must supply your own Chilly Bin
  • Sodastream bottle sold separately
Optional Upgrades:
  • Stainless Tap Upgrade ($30 each) 
  • Add a Mini Reg with gas line & splitter for two kegs, gas disconnects & sodastream adapter ($145) 
  • Add 2x 5L kegs with double ball lock tops ($175 each)
  • Add a willow $33L Cooler for $79 - Contact us to arrange this.

We recommend a Willow brand 33L cooler as a minimum size requirement to use with our 5L Mini Kegs but most 40L + chilly bins will fit 2x 5L kegs.  The minimum internal height needs to be 37cm (some coolers have an indent in the underside of the lid which gives you some extra space to play with.

The fridges / coolers etc in the images shown are not included. If you would like us to build you a custom fridge or cooler for you get in touch on to discuss pricing.

More Info:

  • Each tap set comes with a tap & handle as well as a 100mm shank to go through the fridge / cooler wall, 1m of beer line, a liquid disconnect, MFL barb nuts to enable ezy cleaning of the lines and 2 x clamps.
  • Installing tap shanks through standard fridge doors and cooler box walls is easy, just drill 22mm holes where you want the taps to go. Be very careful drilling through side walls of fridges or walls of chest style fridges / freezers as you can rupture the gas lines and ruin the fridge!
  • Fasten the tap shank then attach the beer lines and clamp in place. Attach the taps to the front of the cooler and you are done!  Just add your kegs and head on out (c:

What You Need To Get Separately:

  • 1 x Fridge, 12v Camp Fridge, Chest Freezer or Cooler Box
    • 66cm Internal Height for 19L Kegs (22cm diameter)
    • 60cm Internal Height for 10L Kegs (18cm diameter)
    • 37cm Internal Height For 5L Kegs (18cm diameter)

What You Need To Do To Assemble:

  • Drill a hole through the fridge door / cooler wall for each tap.
  • Install tap shanks through the holes and connect liquid line to back.
  • Attach taps to the front of the cooler or fridge
  • Screw gas bottle into the regulator.
  • Attach gas lines and beer lines to filled kegs.
  • Pour your favourite drink on tap!
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