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iKegger Mini KegsThrough a vast love of beer has come the iKegger!

A few of us in NZ saw the potential of what had been founded in Australia by a few other good blokes and decided to grace our own shores with it. Welcome the iKegger to NZ!

With a good number of years under our belt dabbling in the in the craft of beer making (home brewing) and similar interests among great friends, it seemed fit to provide a vessel of such stature that it complement the fine craft that we strive for...

Whether it be for commercially packaged beer, craft beer on tap down at your local brewery/fillery or for your own home brewed drop, the iKegger has you covered with a myriad of uses. For storing beer, transporting beer, brewing & carbonating beer, pouring beer & drinking beer, iKegger does it all & more!

The iKegger is perfect for taking to the beach or camping, using at home or at your mates bbq. You can take them anywhere or even add it to your existing home bar or kegerator / keezer system.

Check out our range and you will see just what lengths we have gone to to cover all the bases!


We are a proudly New Zealand owned business.