4L Insulated Growler

"The 4L Insulated Growler"

37cm Tall and 15cm in Diameter this big beautiful beast will keep 12 stubbies worth of beer cold all day without ice or a chilly bin!

Using our custom made tap adapter you can add any tap from our store onto it too for cold beer on tap anywhere.

Available either by itself or with both the adapter and the ball lock spear so it is ready to add a tap & gas system to it - or buy as a full tapped package. Check out the options on the drop down menu.

Optional Growler Adapter: - All our tapping systems will fit this growler using our Growler Adapter that we have had designed and CNC cut especially for iKegger!  Check out the Adapter here >
(If buying as a tapped package the adapter will be included)

The iKegger 4L Stainless Steel Double Wall insulated Growler

  • 4L volume or approx 12 cans or bottles of beer
  • Half the size & weight of bottles.
  • Perfect for camping, caravans, beach, park, BBQ etc
  • Stays cold for up to 12 hours (or more) due to thermos style double wall construction.
  • Insulation works the other way too, perfect for keeping coffee / soup / mulled wine hot
  • Made from 304 stainless steel these kegs are virtually unbreakable.
  • Integrated, easy to grip, comfortable handle
  • Easy to fill at your local brewery / bar
  • Perfect for home brew, either for natural carbonation with dextrose or force carbonate using tap.
  • 15cm wide & 37cm tall (taps add approx 12cm to height)

4L Growler + Adapter + Ball Lock Head

  • Perfect to add to an existing 19L keg kit, making 23L total.
  • Link with your keg and always have the equivalent of a 6 pack ready to go at a moments notice. (check out the video instructions here)
  • Use your own tap and regulator.
  • Ball lock posts for liquid and gas
  • Gas bleed valve for burping the keg.
  • The ball lock head is interchangeable with all our Kegs & Growler (with adapter)
  • Adapter for iKegger Growlers is included.

    4L Growler + Brewers Tap Package :

    • Includes 4L approximate volume Keg
    • Gas CO2 canisters sold seperatly
    • Includes a high quality tap and professional quality regulator
    • The most variable and multi functional tapping system.
    • Uses the same ball lock posts as 9.5 and 19L "cornie" kegs.
    • Tap and regulator click on and off for storage.
    • The valves maintain the pressure in the keg.
    • Can be chained together with more of our kegs or with your current system so there is always 4L (or more with additional kegs and spears) of beer ready to take away, just disconnect & go!
    • Can be used to force carbonate home brew beer.
    • Adapter for iKegger Growlers is included.

      Extra Gas Canisters : $29

      • 16g threaded CO2 canister
      • 10 pieces per packet, enough to dispense approx 40L of beer
      • Or enough to carbonate and dispense 23L of beer.
      • One canister carbonates approx 4L of beer - or one full Johnson
      • One Canister dispenses approx 5L.
      • Food grade
      • Fits all our tapping systems
      Ask a Question


      Ask a Question
      • Are you able to get s/s disconnect's instead of the plastic ones with the 4L growler full package? Price difference if able please. Cheers

        Hi mark. Yep sure can. Price difference is $14 per disconnect changed.
        Swing us an email if you want to place a custom package order like this. info@ikegger.co.nz

      • Hi there how long before the beer goes flat in the 4l Fowler with just a normal lid

        Hi Levi -
        If you fill the growler and screw the top on the beverage and store in the fridge it will stay carbonated and not go flat for a good 2-3 weeks or maybe even more. Once you open it and pour some out is when it will start going flat - if you poured out say 500ml and put the lid back on right away then it will lose a bit of carbonation over night and then once you open it again it will lose more etc..

        Adding our pressure tops and mini regs is the sure way to keep things not going flat.  We also now have 4L insulated kegs - they are brand new and going on the website soon - let us know if you are interested in those - we can send some info through.

        I hope that helps - let us know if you have any other questions.

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