Beer Regulator - Co2 Regulator - Dual Gauge - Type 30

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Single Co2 Beer Regulator - Dual Gauge with pressure release valve. 

Type 30 (w21.8) connection for NZ and Aus Co2 cylinders.

Gas Line:
Select your a gas line and disconnect for this regulator here:

Controls high pressure CO2 from a cylinder down to pressures usable in a beer keg or other situations where low pressure is needed.

This is the most common type of regulator used in homebrew setups with 19L corny kegs. It will fit onto any standard NZ spec co2 cylinder.

We also have sodastream adapters for these regulators so you can have a more portable solution. 

Feel free to send us a message if you have any questions or specific kegging / brewing needs.


Ask a Question


Ask a Question
  • Hi guys, I assume this just does 1 keg, what is the idea of the 2 gauges?

    Yes this does only have one outlet for 1 keg. There is nothing stopping you split the gas line tp two kegs though both at the same pressure.

    One guage shows the pressure in the c02 cylinder the other guage shows the output pressure that the reg is set at.

    If you are wanting 2 different pressures for 2 different kegs then youu would want the dual reg where you can set each guage differently : we what that product here:


  • Guys, is this regulator compatible with a WilliamsWarn brewkeg & sodastream CO2 system?

    Hi Grant -
    Yes it sure is.  We have two kinds actaully (the one in the image as well as the MK4) and can let you decide which one you want once purchashed. If you are wanting to use the reg with a sodstream bottle you will need a full size regulator sodastream adapter if you dont alreayd have one. Let us know if you have any other questions. Cheers.

  • What is max output pressure the? 100psi? Pressure on relief valve? 60,psi?

    These ones have a release valve of 45-60psi  - bit of margin of error there. - If you need higher we have the MK4 reg that has changable release valves up to 100psi
    Let us know what will work for you
    Cheers- Andrew

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