Mini Keg Personal Bar Tap Kegging System Package 2L 4L 5L 10L

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Party/Picnic Tap - Choose Keg Size with Party Tap, Reg & Gas. 2L, 4L, 5L, 10L

Choose Your Keg Size : 2L, 4L, 5L, 10L (2L pictured below)
Comes with Keg, Top, CO2 Injector, 4x CO2 Canisters & a Party/Picnic Flexi tap.

mini keg with plastic tap co2 system

If you would like this special without the CO2 canisters included or any other variation, please contact us and we can arrange a price for you.

Package Includes:

      • Keg of your choice - Use the drop down box to the right >
      • Party / Picnic Flexi Tap + Flexible dip tube
      • CO2 Manual Injector
      • Starter 4 pack of CO2 canisters
      • Super easy to use tapping system
      • Our Mini Kegs are made from 304 stainless steel these kegs are virtually unbreakable.
      • Perfect for beer fills & taking to BBQ's, or the beach or used by homebrewers no matter what level you are at.
      • Integrated, easy to grip, comfortable handles
      • Stackable design for easy storage
      • Kegs come with a flat stainless screw top as standard
      • Growler comes with a insulated plastic screw top.
      • 4L Kegs have a marked 3.78L fill line but are in fact 4L when full.
      • 2L Kegs have a marked 1.89L fill line (1.95 L when full).
      • Easy to fill at your local brewery / bar / bottle shop / rigger filling station
      • Perfect for home brew, either for natural carbonation with dextrose or force carbonating using the Pro Mini Reg


      Keg Sizes (taps add approx 12cm to height of the Keg)

      • 4L Keg : 13.5cm diameter, 35cm tall
      • 2L Keg : 13.5cm diameter, 22cm tall
      • 2L Double Walled Insulated Growler : 13cm diameter & 30cm tall 
      • 5L Keg : 17.5cm diameter, 27.8cm tall
      • 10L Keg : 17.5cm diameter, 50cm tall


      Neoprene Cooler / Carry Sleeves

      • We have sizes for all out kegs - 2L, 4L, 5L & 10L
      • Made from 5mm neoprene these giant stubby coolers will keep your beer cold for an hour or two when out and about.

      • They include a shoulder strap to make carrying your mini keg super easy!

      • Put a handful of ice into the bottom and top to extend that. Or put your 2L down the bottom of a 4L sleeve and have room for some glasses and snacks on top (c:

      • Click here to order one for your keg size >


      Extra Gas Canisters : $29 (pack of 10)

      • 16g threaded CO2 canisters
      • 10 pieces per packet, enough to dispense approx 40L of beer
      • Or enough to carbonate and dispense 23L of beer.
      • One canister carbonates approx 4L of beer - or one full Johnson
      • Food grade
      • Fits all our tapping systems
      • A starter 5x pack optionally included with all full packages
      • Click here to add more to your order >




        Ask a Question


        Ask a Question
        • Hi Andrew, I have few ikeggs(5L & 10L) in my inventory. I am planning to buy some nitrogen cylinders and use them in my existing kegs for cocktails. Is this possible? Or do I need to buy a new set for cocktail purpose? Cheers.

          Hi Indika - Yes, You are all good to attach nitrogen to the ikeggers. Just get a nitrogen bottle + reg and attach a gas line with gas ball lock disconnect and you are ready to go. If you already have a bottle and reg then go for it, but if you dont, we have these in a kit with disposable pure Nitrogen bottles:  These kits are about $200 and each disposable nitrogen bottle after that is $79.  Each bottle would last about 60L.  Your other option is to get a full size refillable 1 cubic meter bottle and nitrogen reg. This is more expensive up front but the bottle lasts for 5 times as long & you have a lot on the refills (about $40-$50) and you can then also do nitrogen/co2 mix gasses.  The cost for this is around $469. Let us know if you want to go for this and we can organise a customer package for you.   

        • Hi - Which option to I get to add into my existing kegerator so I can transfer the last few liters of beer from a corny keg into the ikegger mini keg so I then have an empty corny keg to keg up my next fermented brew?

          Hi Nigel -  The Brewers kit is the option you want rather than the flexi / picnic tap modle.  Here is a link to that modle you would want: $250 for a 4L kit.  The brewers kit has ball lock posts on the spear of the keg so you can clip it directly into your kegerator.  Easy as!
          Also - If you don't have a transfer line already you can get one here . Cheers & enjoy the kegging! Andrew

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