Grain Mill - 2 Roller - Malt Mill

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Grain Mill - 2 Roller - Malt Mill

Grain Mill - 2 Roller - Malt Mill

Want to buy your grain in bulk and mill it your self? Work like a pro with this high quality mill.

Solid construction that will stand the test of time.
Cold roll steel rollers
Aluminum body & hopper 3KG capacity
Hardened steel bearings.
Adjustable roller width.
Coarse rollers to pull grain through easily and leave hull intact for perfect grain sparging bed.
Mounting holes for a base board or grain bucket lid or base arms (2 lengths of thin sting wood work well)
10mm crank shaft with hand crank or can use with a drill to speed up the process.

When using a drill keep the speed low so you don't over do the grain crush. You don't want to burn / cook the grain out. Just enough power to keep things moving is best.

This mill comes with the hopper part flat packed and includes screws for assembly.

Does not include base board or arms.

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