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Hand Pump & Tap for Keg - Commercial Kegs - Portable Keg Tap

This Party Pump / Thumb tap & Hand Pump Kit provides an easy way to dispense a commercial beer keg when you are away from electricity or don't have a CO2 cylinder.

Note: This setup Does not include a keg coupler which is required per type of keg you want to serve. Most kegs in NZ are a D-Type which you can also add to your cart here.

If you are serving a non NZ beer like Guinness (u type) or Asahi (s type) you will need a different coupler as stated in the brackets.

Also - Please be aware that you will need to make sure your keg coupler has the check valve installed - which most do by default.

Place the keg in a bucket of ice to keep it cool and pump the beer out at your own leisure. This reliable and simple setup is easy to use and requires no power, no gas cylinder and no regulator. It's really the easiest way to dispense a keg at a party.

- Keg Connection sold separately. add to your cart here.
- Easy to use
- No gas cylinder required
- No electricity required
- Plastic tap and beer line The hose comes un-assembled so you will need to assemble before use.

Note: We recommend Beer must be drunk within 48 hrs as it can start to go flat after that.

Ask a Question


Ask a Question
  • hi - the hand pump sounds like a good quick easy option to save lugging around any CO 2 cylinders bit i couldn't quite picture how it works presumably the beer is already gassed in the keg and you just use this to top up the pressure as it drops when u pour serve the beer -can u somehow connect this pump direct to a gas ball lock on a keg - or to a regulator to check the pressure u pump in / somehow .. or am i being too simplistic?! thanks

    Hi Andrew - thanks for the message.
    The hand pump is for commercial kegs only. The pump screws on to the gas side of a d-coupler as in the picture. The liquid side of the coupler has the thumb tap on it. You screw the d-coupler onto the commercial keg and then use the thumb tap to dispense the beer. You pump the pump when needed as pouring the beer drops the pressure.  You only pump it as much as you need.

    These pumps cant be attached to ball lock kegs unfortunatly - and there is no option to hook up a guage to check the pressure. They are more used for when you want to easily dispense a keg all in one sitting and not need to worry about pressure or any left over beer. 

    I hope this answers your questiosn - if not, let us know.

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