Home Brew 4L Keg | 23L Add-on Kit With Beer Tap, Regulator & Cooler Sl

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Home Brew 4L Keg | 23L Add-on Kit With Beer Tap, Regulator & Cooler Sleeve

This home brew keg add-on pack is ideal for the brewer who already has a 19L corny keg at home (and/or kegerator). We supply a 4l mini keg so you can keg your entire 23L brew. As part of the package you also get the double ball lock spear with bleed valve. To attach to this you get a steel brumby style beer tap and our professional quality mini regulator which can accept both 16g and 74g CO2 cartridges for tap beer on the go. (a regulator adapter is available separately if you want to attach our pro mini reg to your full size gas bottle too)

With the double ball lock spear screwed in, the mini keg has the same posts as your corny keg. The package also includes a daisy chain beer line with disconnects on each end, one black and one grey.  This connects the liquid out post on the Cornelius keg to the gas in post on the mini keg.

Once connected in a daisy-chain type setup, either with the tap on the mini keg or the mini keg attached to your Kegerator tower/tap, the mini keg will always be full, ready to disconnect and take with you at a moments notice. It also means you can disconnect the 19L keg, clean it and refill it while still having the last 12 beers on tap in your kegerator.

The pack includes:

1 x 4L "Johnson" Mini Keg

1 x Double Ball Lock Spear + standard plastic disconnects

1 x Brumby Style Beer Tap

1 x Professional Quality Regulator

1 x Daisy-Chain Ball Lock Disconnect Link/hose (Standard Plastic)

1 x 4 pack of 16g CO2 cartridges for mobile tap beer (enough to dispense 20+ litres of beer)

1 x 4L Keg Cooler Sleeve to keep your beer cold on the move.

Total Full Price: $340

Package Price: $290


(19L Corny Keg, Steel Disconnects & stainless Intertap tap / Drip tray in image not included)


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