Nitrogen Regulator - Dual Gauge - Nitro Beer - Cold Brew Coffee
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Nitrogen Regulator - Dual Gauge - Nitro Beer - Cold Brew Coffee

The KH25 Nitrogen regulator provides great gas control with its large body for high flow rates large diaphragm & adjustment knob for easy pressure adjustments.

These regs are perfect to use for Nitro Cold Brew Coffee in kegs. Pure nitrogen is needed for cold brew on nitro. Nitrogen bottles have a type 50 thread in NZ as does this regulator.

These regs are also perfect for putting beer on nitro with a co2/nitrogen mix gas such as beer gas or cellar mix gas. Since mix gas for beer has nitrogen in the cylinder, usually that means the thread on the cylinder is a Type 50 thread which this regulator matches up to.

  • Model - KH25
  • Single Stage
  • Large easy to read gauges in PSI and KPa
  • Type 50 nitrogen stem connection - Works with NZ / AUS nitrogen or Beer gas (co2 & Nitrogen) mix cylinders.
  • N2, Gauge Inlet Range (Bar) - 0-275 (0-4000 PSI)
  • Delivery Pressure (Bar) - 0-15 (0-200 PSI)
  • Working Pressure (Bar) - 0-25 (0-360 PSI)
  • 4.5mm barbed gas outlet included - (removable)

Controls high pressure Nitrogen from a cylinder down to pressures usable in a beer keg or other situations where low pressure is needed.

Feel free to send us a message if you have any questions or specific kegging / brewing needs.


Ask a Question


Ask a Question
  • What size tubing is needed to use with this?

    This comes with a 4.5mm hose barb. We also have another modle with a 6mm hose barb. So tubing with an inner diameter from 4mm up to 8mm would be fine for either.  Let us know what size suits. Thanks.


  • Sorry, my earlier question should have read. " Can you confirm that this regulator will fit my existing 3.4kg nitrogen bottle supplied by EZISWAP and is suitable to operate at 2000 PSI at 15 L per minute ?"

    It sure will.  We have the same cylindes here which are compatable.
    The gauges are in PSI and KPA.

  • So this regulator is can be fitted to my existing EZISWAP nitrogen bottle and will provide a flow of 15 -30l per minute? What is your delivery time to Ruakaka Northland from order/payment?

    Hi Grant - Yes correct.  The gauges are in PSI and KPA just so you know.
    Delivery to Ruakaka should be 1 to 2 days after the day of ordering. (if Rural its normally 2 or 3 days)

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