Standard Mini Keg Tap & Regulator System

Tapping Spear:
This all steel tapping system looks the bomb. Once you fill your mini keg, either at a brewery, with homebrew or just from bottles or cans, screw this into the top of the keg. Turn on the gas (uses readily available disposable CO2 canisters) and pull the release valve to vent out any oxygen in the keg. Turn off the gas and your beer will now stay frothy and fresh for weeks. When you are ready for a beer simply put a glass under the tap, turn it on and slowly turn up the gas till your glass is full of delicious frothy beer (or wine / softdrink / mulled wine etc) turn off the tap and gas till next time. Easy!

This system fits all our kegs (and growlers when used with the growler tap adapter sold separately)

The Pro Mini CO2 Regulator:
This small aluminium regulator clips onto the spear.  It uses disposable 16g threaded CO2 cartridges to gas the system. One cartridge is usually enough for 4L of beer (That is you should be able to vent the oxygen, pressurise and dispense a growler of beer, then run hot water through the system to clean it.)

The Spear and Tap:
All steel construction with heavy duty silicon seals/o-rings (replacement o-rings  provided free with purchase). The tap attaches with a standard beer tap connection so if you already have taps at home or upgrade to specialised taps in the future they can be interchanged easily. 

Does NOT include a mini keg or growler or gas canisters, this price is for the tap, spear and regulator alone.

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