M8 to MFL Swivel Adapter & Matching Gas Out Adapter

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M8 to MFL Swivel Adapter & Matching Gas Out Adapter

These brass adapters are designed so that you can attach our mini regulator to a ball lock disconnect but still be able to adjust the angle the regulator is positioned without breaking the seal and releasing gas.
360 degree clockwise rotation.

Trust us this makes a big difference to the ease of use of the regulator as you can twist is around to any position you like.

This comes with a separate gas out adapter for the regulator that replaces the existing one.

Assembly Instructions & Use:

  • All threads here are Lefty Loosey, Righty Tighty (they are not reverse threads).
  • Use the correct sized spanner or wrench to remove the existing brass gas outlet on the side of the regulator.
  • Clean out any loose thread tape that may reside inside the regulators thread.
  • Screw in the new brass gas out adapter (the one sent to you that has new thread tape on it) It will be a tight fit. Screw it in slowly but until it is very snug. Do not over tighten or tighten in a vice.
  • Swivel Adapter: The male end of the swivel adapter connects into the newly installed gas out adapter, however connect the swivel adapter to a grey gas ball lock disconnect first (or what ever fitting you are using) then connect the swivel adapter to the gas out adapter.
  • The swivel adapter has an o-ring inside it which will allow the correct amount of thread to be screwed in while allowing the adapters to seal and still swivel 360 degrees in a clockwise direction.
  • When using for the next time connected to a gas supply, spray some soapy water around the connections to check for any gas leakage. If there is, tighten the fittings and check again.
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