About us

iKegger Mini KegsThrough a vast love of beer has come the iKegger!

iKegger NZ is a kiwi owned and run business that specialises in stainless steel portable Mini Beer Kegs and Growlers which have integrated taps and are powered by CO2 through mini regulators.

It's like having your own personal bar with beer on tap home but also the flexibility to take it with you when you are out and about!

iKegger kegs are based on the same ball lock fittings that homebrew keg setups work on so they can easily link into existing kegerators or keezers and the fittings will work with your existing kegs too.

Our kegs work with much more than beer however, they are great for Cider, Cold Brew Coffee, Nitro setups, Kombucha, Cocktails, Force Carbonation, Yeast Storage, Cleaning & Transfer Vessels, Randals or Hop Backs & more! We are loving the uses that people have come up with so far.

The iKegger is perfect for taking to the beach or camping, using at home or at your mates bbq. You can take them anywhere.

Our core range consists of 2L, 4L, 5L & 10L mini kegs as well as 2L & 4L double walled insulated Growlers. We also have a large range of accessories and homebrew/kegging related products.

Whether it be to fill with beer down at your local brewery or fillery, or for your own home brewed drop, or to serve Nitro Coffee at your cafe, the iKegger range has you covered. They are great for storing beer, transporting beer, brewing & carbonating beer, and of course pouring beer! 

Check out our range and you will see just what lengths we have gone to to cover all the bases!