Complete 23L Premium Home Brew Keg Package. 19L keg & 4L iKegger Kit, Stainless Fittings

This kit includes everything you need to keg, store and carbonate a 23L+ (or more) home brew batch. (apart from a sodastream cylinder / co2 bottle or gas canisters)

Includes: Top of the range 4L mini keg pictured, with pro tapping kit (or you can select a different size keg to your liking)
Plus a 19L corny keg, plastic transfer line / daisy chain connection to join them together, premium stainless protap connections, a sodastream adapter and a forward sealing stainless steel tap.
You can brew/ferment in your own fermenter then keg straight into this setup then hook up into your existing Kegerator, or you could dedicate a beer fridge to house everything and pour direct from either keg. With the daisy chain you can transfer beer from the larger keg to smaller keg anytime you like so you can always have beer ready and portable!

*Note - drip tray, Gas canisters, Neoprene Sleeve or Sodastream bottle in image not included.*

The 23L Home Brew Keg Package

Includes Our Highest Quality Components

  • 1x 19L Cornelius keg
  • 1x 4L mini keg & Ball lock top (or chosen keg size) - 304 stainless steel
  • Stainless steel forward sealing bar tap. (non flow control) (Either Intertap or Nukatap)
  • Professional quality co2 mini regulator
  • Gas sold separately here - You will need this to pour your beverage
  • Adapter for SodaStream cylinder. (cylinder itself sold separately)
  • Stainless Double ball lock mini keg spear (screws into top of keg) with Cornelius style posts for gas and liquid plus a bleed valve.
  • Stainless steel disconnects for liquid and gas to attach the tap and regulator to the kegs (5 year warranty)
  • Transfer line / daisy chain link kit (plastic disconnects) to attach the 4L keg to a 19L keg for transferring beer (the 19L keg has the same ball lock post connections as the double ball lock spear for the mini keg) 
  • 1x Remote Gas Line (plastic disconnect)

Mini Keg Sleeve - Add on here:
Gas Canisters for portable keg pouring  - Add on here:

Ask a Question


Ask a Question
  • Hi, what is your delivery time please. Auckland based

    Hi Steve - Thanks for the message.
    Normally if purchased before midday weekdays, goods are out the same day.   Auckland based non rural should be next week day delivery or max one more day.
    Cheers - Andrew.

  • Hi. I am very interested in this but has no experience with brewing. Can you please share with me what I need to start? Do you sell the whole kit I would need? I also thought this kit was all I need to start brewing. please point me in the right direction. Cheers. Mike

    Hi Mike -
    Thanks for hte message.  This kit is everything you would need to Keg a beer (appart from a sodastream co2 bottle) once it is fermented. You would still need your fermentation kit etc which you can get from your Local Home Brew Shop. We can help with this too and point you to your local for the starter fermenting  kit and ingredients if you like.
    Swing us an email back with your location.  Happy to take a call to discuss too.

  • Can you brew in this set up or is this just for kegging and carbonating?

    Hi Matt -
    You could with some modificatiosn but it is not recomended...

    This is mainly for kegging once your brew has fermented in your fermenting bucket.  Kegging means no botteling, less time to wait until carbonated and less sediment. You will love it!

  • I want to try this but no experience at all brewing. Is it hard to do?

    Hi Abel -
    Yes kegging is super easy and much less time consuming than bottling.   The result is a better, fresher beer as well!
    We are happy to provide help anytime if you want to give us a call and can point you in the right direction with many online videos too.
    Cheers, Andrew.

  • Hi team - will the one mini-regulator fit both kegs?

    Hi Robert - Yes it will - The kegs both have ball lock posts and the mini reg uses a ball lock disconenct to attach to either.

  • Hi guys, have just kegged for the first time using your 23L system. I currently have the 4L carbonating as I was not sure that if I daisy linked them together and carbonated the corny keg will the gas get through to the 4L. Can this be done or do I have to carbonate both kegs separately then daisy link ??? cheers.

    Hi Dean - Yes yoyu are correct - you need to carb each keg up seperatly - Carb the 4L first - then while your drinking that one carbn up the 19L (c:

  • Hi, received my 23L keg package today, great thanks, just a couple of questions before I test run the system. 1. The swivel adapter comes in a bag with a teflon washer, is this a spare as I noticed where it screws to the regulator there is already one there? 2. There is a bag of rubber seals/ washers are these spares also ? cheers.

    Hi Dean - Great stuff -
    Yes the White Teflon small washer is a spare for the reg outlet is case you ever lost it (which is unlikely). The bag of orings are also spares (c:

    Cheers & Enjoy! 


  • Hi there, if I was to remove 4L keg to takeaway do I need to keep gassed with small CO2 canister ?

    Hi Dean -
    Yes that is the idea with our mini keg systems - unclip and take it away. It will stay pressurised untill you pour a beer. Clip on the tap and mini regulator with mini gas canisters and pour as you like. Each canister will pour 4L. Easy!

  • Hi, Do you have the external dimensions for the kegs, I currently bottle (cleaning!!!) And am looking to move to keeping, but I dont know if I could fit a full size keg in my current beer fridge. Also, do you need to keep the co2 cylinder in the fridge as well?

    Hi Jason. The 19L corny kegs are about 69cm tall including connections. And 21.5cm wide. We also have our 10L iKegger kegs which are only 59cm tall with connections and only 17cm wide so you can easily fit more of these in a smaller fridge.
    The gas bottle is actually better if it's outside the fridge. Inside is ok too though.
    Let us know by have any other questions.

  • How much/ how many soda stream bottle to Cabonate a brew

    Hi Daniel -
    One 30L sodastream bottle would carbonate 30L OR Dispense about 120L  so if you brew is only say 20L then the 30L cylinder would easily carbonate and dispense it.

  • Once you have the 19 l corny keg full and the 4 litre chained and full as well how does one take the 4 litre away and connect the 29 l say to a hegearot tap without losing beer

    Hi Craig, thanks for the question. Our kegs all use ball lock posts which close when the connection is taken off, keeping the beer and pressure in and air/oxygen out 😀 you can disconnect each keg at any time and connect to other systems with ease.  Let us know if this doesn't quite answer your question.

  • Once kegged and carbonated is refrigeration essential or a matter of preference?

    Hi Ewan,
    Yep up to you in that one. A few notes: once carbed you can take it out of the fridge if you want. It will stay carbonated but you would want to chill it again before serving as warm beer will foam a lot unless low carbed as for some styles. 
    Repeated warming and cooling of keged beer can have negative effects on flavor to.
    Also keep in mind it is easier to carbonate beer when it is cold.. so best to start that process in a fridge or as cold as you can get it without a fridge.
    Happy to chat more on this topic if you want, just flick us a reply anytime.

  • If I am currently brewing using a 23l barrel and bottling, can i put the brew straight into this set up and how does that work? Cheers

    Hi Paul, thanks for the question.
    Yes you can go straight from the fermenter to the 19L keg and 4L keg to make 23L. It is preferred that you crash chill your fermenter first to allow sediment to drop.
    In short, once the beer is in the kegs you hook them up to the co2 reg, turn pressure up to 20 or 25psi and wait 2 or 3 days for the 19L and only 1 day for the 4L to carbonate.
    You don't have to wait 2 weeks like you do with bottles and you end up with far less sediment and get much fresher beer.
    To pour you lower the pressure, clip on the tap and go for it.  Let us know if you have any other questions.

  • Does the 4l keg come with the keg cooler sleeve as shown in the photo

    Yes we can do that (c: - We had a special including the sleeve a while back and have been meaning to make it permanent.  I think we only have one or two sleeves left for the 4L until our next batch is in so i'd advise to get in quick if you want one. 

  • Would any additional equipment be required to carbonate freshly brewed beer with this kit? What about bottling?

    Hi Nick, the only extra thing needed is a Sodastream cylinder or co2 cylinder and adapter.
    If you wanted to bottle I would recommend a length of thin tubing and some form of bottle filler if using glass bottles, or if PET plastic bottles then a carb cap bottle filler.  Both options are low cost.
    Feel free to give us a call during the day to discuss if you like.

  • Hi, can a 5l keg be swapped out for the 4l in the set up? If so what is the price difference? Cheers

    Hi Glenn.
    Yes absolutely. Price from a 4L to a 5L in this package would be $15 😀 
    If you want to go for that just send us an email directly at with you address and what you were wanting to purchase. We can take it from there.  Cheers.

  • Hi, if I was to purchase this kit and at a later date purchase a co2 bottle will the regulator suit both Soda stream and Co2 cylinder or will a regulator compatible with the co2 cylinder be required? Thanks

    Hi Simon - Thanks for the question -
    We have another adapter ($30) for our mini regs to be used on full size co2 bottles so YES they can be used both on sodastream and full size co2 bottles. The package you are looking at comes with a sodastream adapter but not the full size bottle adapter so you would need to buy this seperatly. Or we could swap out the mini reg + 4x gas canisters for a full size reg and then you wouldnt need the extra adapter - but then also you wouldnt have the mini reg to make the 4L keg super portable.  Up to you on that one (c:  A full size reg on its own is $89  It is quite handy having a full size reg and bottle as your main co2 source and then have the mini reg / sodastream as a backup or for portable situations.
    Let me know if we can be of any furhter help.

  • is this compatable with my willamswarn brewmaster settup if so sold just need too know so i can plug and play thankyou

    Hi Tony -  Yes is absolutely compatible with your WW gear & a great match too!
    All you would need (unless you already have one) is a transfer line kit with a black liquid disconnect on the end of the line to transfer from the Brewmaster to corny keg / iKegger.  You would use the line on the back of the Brewmaster and add a disconnect and extra line to them while transferring. If you need these items let us know once you order and we can make up the pack for you and add it on.  

    If you are using WW BrewKegs then the ball lock posts on the Brewkegs are the same as on the iKegger and Corny keg so you can use the transfer line that comes with the kit you have commented on to transfer. Any other questions jutt fire them through - happy to help out and get you kegging!  

  • Do your taps fit on normal 50L kegs?

    Yes we have taps for 50L kegs. They are dtype couplers. Link below. We can also do them as a clip on bar tap as well instead of the flexi thump tap, just let us know

    Portable keg tap

    Or if you just wantba hand pump with no co2, grab this one

    Hand pump

  • Hi there why do you use a small keg in line after the main keg ? what does it do ? can you tap of the 19 l keg direct ? and store it in a fridge / cheers Lukas

    Hi Lukas -
    The small keg attahced is optional - it stays full so it can be detached in an instant if you wanted to take it somewhere.  If you are happy to pressure transfer to that keg when you want to use it then that is an option too.

    Yes you can tap the 19L keg directally - no probs there at all
    Cheers - Andrew.

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