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Pure Nitrogen, Co2 or Co2/Nitro Mix - Full Cylinder

Pure food grade Nitrogen Cylinder - OR Co2 Cylinder - Or Nitrogen/CO2 mix 80/20

Note: Co2 cylinder valve is a standard Male Type30 Thread for NZ/AU regulators. (images shows female thread but it will be male type30 co2)

These are filled and ordered in as per order - so they may take a day or two extra to get to you. Please keep this in mind when ordering and give at least 4-5 business days for the order to get to you

Nitrogen is great for Cold Brew Coffee or Cocktails and Ice Tea on Nitro. We can do co2/Nitro mix gas for beer / stout too.

1M3 (1 cubic meter of compressed nitrogen) enough to push 4-5 corny kegs

approx 59cm tall &13cm wide.
Usually a fill is around about $40-$50 so pretty great value as they last for ages!
These are EziSwap bottles so you can swap them at any EziSwap outlet too.

Dangerous Goods shipping cost applies at checkout.

We can also supply Nitrogen Regulators as well as which is 

We can also supply Beer mix (CO2 & Nitrogen mixed gas) cylinders. Ask if you are after one of these.

We also have full size CO2 regulators in stock as well as a range of connections, fittings & lines.  We do full Kegerator or jockey box builds for cafes, clubs or for your market stall etc. If you have any question just ask away.

Ask a Question


Ask a Question
  • Do I need a special regulator fir one of these?

    Hey Darren

    Yes you need a type 30 reg for Co2  and a type 50 reg for Nitrogen or Nitrogen co2 mix.

    We have both these regs available if you need one and the cylinders too - Let us know.
    Cheers - Andrew.

  • How many litres of nitrogen in a nitrogen only cylinder?

    It's a tricky question that - Do you mean how many Litres of gas are there (about 1000 says google)  or do you mean how many litres can you push with it?  That will depend on what pressure you use and how much head space you have to fill.
    I hope this helps - let us know if you have more questions.

  • Hi can you refill these with straight co2?

    These have a nitrogen valve on them so you might have issues filling and using with co2 regs - however as an Eziswap cylinder you can swap it for a co2 cylinder anytime.

  • Can you supply a 200psi regulator and what would it cost?

    Our standard nitrogen reg may be suitable but 200PSI is at its max  it is $180.  We can get higher rated regs but they will be in teh $300 range. They are much heavier duty.
    Let us know if you want us to confirm a prive for you.  Is 200psi the max you want to use?

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