2L Insulated Growler - SPECIAL! - BLACK

SPECIAL!!  - Keeps beer cold for agggges!

"The Growler" 2L Insulated Steel Growler
Optional Growler Adapter: - All our tapping systems will fit this growler using our Growler Adapter that we have had designed and CNC cut especially for iKegger!

Check out the Adapter here:
(Any of the growler packages below with a tap will come with this adapter as standard)


The iKegger Beer Growler:

  • 2L volume or approx 6 "stubbies" beer bottles
  • Half the size & weight of bottles perfect for camping, caravans etc
  • Stays cold for up to 12 hours (or more) due to thermos style double wall construction.
  • Insulation works the other way too, perfect for keeping coffee / soup / mulled wine hot
  • Made from 304 stainless steel these kegs are virtually unbreakable.
  • Integrated, easy to grip, comfortable handle
  • Standard growler size for easy filling at your local brewery / bar
  • Perfect for home brew, either for natural carbonation with dextrose or force carbonate using tap.
  • 13cm wide & 30cm tall (taps add approx 12cm to height)

Accessories :

Pro Bar Tapping System ($189 or $265 as a package)
Double Ball Lock Spear Top ($65 or $175 as a package)
Growler Adapter ($34)

    Ask a Question


    Ask a Question
    • Hi, I am looking at getting a system for my mates 50th birthday. My initial thought were to get two 2L kegs (maybe one insulated) and a pro tap set up. The reason for this would be so that he can get different beer types. Any suggestions here? Also if you swap the tap over do you waste a CO2 cannister or would one cannister work for two 2L. Thanks

      HI Mike -
      Great idea for a 50th gift.  Yes many people get a few smaller kegs so they can have different types of drink (can be a mixer too.. jack and coke or G&T etc or just sodas)

      If you were thinking of 2 kegs and one being insulated then we would recomend the 2L growler insulated kit as that comes with an adapter so the taps can be used on it or the growler can be used on its own.  Then get a single 2L keg (either with or without the ball lock top) and then the taps / reg from the other kit can be used on it.

      Yes, gas is saved if you take the reg off - it has a auto clsoe valve on the rag and keg.  One canister will do 4-5L. 

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