2 Tap Kegerator (requires shipping quote)

To order - please contact us and we will estimate your shipping Price first.

We can set these up for either d-type commercial 50L, 30L, 20L or 25L kegs or for 19L corny homebrew kegs. If you want a D-type commercial setup please do ask. Its only about an extra $100 per line for a commercial coupler.

Impress your mates with a shiny kegerator – ideal for homebrewers and beer enthusiasts to keep your kegs chilled and ready to dispense.

With this 2 Tap Kegerator you can pour two of your favourite beers at the same time. Your beer will be delicious and chilled when poured straight into your glass, and as your beer matures more quickly, you’ll have the mates over in no time!

You can get setup straight away as it comes with a complete dispensing solution including a C02 regulator, gas and liquid disconnects and tubing and a 2 tap beer tower with 2 chrome plated taps.

All you need is a c02 cylinder (either rent or buy) and some kegs.

NOTE: CO2 bottle & Kegs sold separately.


  • Stainless Taps
  • Can fit up to 3 x 19 L cornelius / Corny kegs or one 50 L commercial keg (sold separately)
  • Thermostat 0°C up to 28°C
  • Temperature is controlled using a front mounted digital thermostat so it is easy to set the optimum temperature for the type of beers being dispensed.
  • 600 wide by 640 deep by 840mm tall (not including tower or guard rail) plus 50mm for wheels which are optional.

  • CO2 bottle & Kegs sold separately.
Ask a Question


Ask a Question
  • Gday, does this come in matte black by chance?

    Hi Simon -
    We can get these with a matte black tower and black taps.  The Front door will still be Silver/stainless however.
    Let me know if this suits and we can help organise.
    Cheers, Andrew.

  • Hi, Can you please explain how the Co2 is fitted in this system if we put in a 50 Litre keg? And how many Co2 bottles would we need?

    Hi there. The fridge cones with a co2 regulator that

    hooks up to an external co2 cylinder that you would purchase seperatly. They are around $270 for a 3.5kg cylinder and would last about 200 to 300L
    Let us know if you have any other questions.

  • How many 25L Kegs would fit into this unit

    Just one actually - 25L kegs are not that common however.  They are about as wide as a normal 50L keg but shorter.

    If you were meaning 20L commercial kegs, you can fit 2 x 20L kegs and still have space for a 10L iKegger keg too as they are tall and skinny.

    Let me know if we can be of any further help.  Cheers

  • Hi, Just to confirm that you can fit a 50 or 30 liter normal pub type of keg in these fridges? also are you able to have it so the Fridge suits under a bench and i mount the tap to the bench top? Cheers Paul

    Hi Paul -
    Yes you can fit a 50L or 30L keg in these.  To use commercial kegs like that you will need to change the connectors to a d-coupler : https://www.ikegger.co.nz/products/d-type-keg-coupler Yes you can sit the frrdge under a bench either on wheels or not and then take the tap tower off and mount it on a bench. You will need to ut a hole through the bench for the liquid lines. Let us know if you want us to organise a setup for you.


  • Hi, is it possible to come and view these products

    Hi Chris - Thanks for the message. At present we are online only - But you could go into any good home brew store to check out these kegerators if you wanted to. Feel free o send through any other questions you may have or give us a call. Cheers.

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