D-type Keg Coupler

Keg Coupler / connector for a d-type keg - most standard NZ kegs.

If you have a D type keg or commercial keg from NZ you will need one of these to tap it.  You will also need a co2 source, gas line, liquid line + 5/8 screw nut connection for the top liquid port and some form of tap or tap tower to pour from.

This comes with a Large 9mm barb (5/8 screw on barb / tail end) for the gas in side.
Does not come with 5/8 screw barb for the liquid out top port.

Barbs / Hose Tails
If you need barbs for liquid or just thinner 6mm barbs then get these ones

Ball Lock Post Adapters here:

If you need something else for the liquid port let us know. We have tail barbs as well as push in and ball lock fittings.

If you need liquid or gas lines or any other connections please give us a call and we can help you out. Cheers.

Ask a Question


Ask a Question
  • I’m planning to convert a fridge in to a kegerator. Are you able to supply all the parts required to do this for three taps that would use 25l kegs?

    Sure can. We have tripple tap towers here or wall shanks and all the other bits you'd need 😉
    Fire us an email and we can sort you out. Reply here or use

    Cheers, Andrew.

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