Auto Stop Filler FOB For Kegs & Growlers (With Ball Lock Posts)

  • Choose a gas disconnect or not.
  • Includes a sight glass with a floating ball in it that stops flow once the keg is filled
  • Perfect for:
    • Filling kegs from a fermenter or larger kegs into smaller ones
    • Taking to a brewery to ensure you get a good fill, to the top. Win/Win for you and the brewery as there is no foaming and product waste for them either.

ADD ON: - Purchase separately:

  • Check valve or Ball valve Optional Add on that helps put back pressure on the gas outlet to help prevent the beer foaming as you fill.
Ask a Question


Ask a Question
  • The add on check valve, by that do you mean a gas disconnect ball valve ??

    Hi Dean -
    Sorry we missed this message!  - The check valve or ball valve we mention is a 8mm push fit item that can be added to the top of the FOB unit to ass a bit of back pressure to slow down the fill.  The ball valve option is handy as it allows you to open / close - slow down / speed up / shut off flow.

  • Does this leave any head space in the keg or does it top it up to the max ?

    This tops it right up, maybe 50ml head space..

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