iKegger 2.0 | Tap, Spear & Regulator Kit

The iKegger 2.0 puts 8 years of experience, feedback, and thought into a brand-new tap system that lets you live your life on tap! It is the ultimate in portable tapped beverages with fully featured all in one multi gas options.

  • Keg Spear, Tap and Multi Gas Regulator included in kit. Just add your keg size and gas of choice.
  • Now in full production after hitting 1000% funded in our Kickstarter launch (Apr 2023).
  • Beer or coffee, cocktails or kombucha. Any drink it doesn't matter!
  • Espresso Martini or Stout on Nitro - oh yes!
  • The iKegger 2.0 can store & serve them perfectly with the push of a button.
  • Plus: Stay upright or get sideways. This kit can pour lying down from your fridge too. Game-changer!

Compatible with all iKegger mini keg sizes and most copy-cat brands. The gas inlet is a standard ball lock post so easily connects to your existing regulator setup

  • Pour with the keg upright or lying down with a twist of the spout
  • Push button pouring that adjusts flow speed depending on how hard you press it, easy to master in minutes.
  • Pour perfect pints of beer, have G&T on tap, make your own sodas or any other carbonated drinks
  • If used with nitrogen pour espresso martinis, nitro coffee or nitro infused stout at the touch of a button.
  • No need for sparklers, stout spouts, or specialised taps for nitro drinks thanks to careful engineering of the liquid path, laminar flow for carbonated drinks to prevent foaming yet small enough to dislodge nitrogen for cocktails, coffee, and stout pouring
  • The tap includes a push fitting compatible spout, flow control push button pouring, a standard ball lock gas post and a 75psi pressure release valve.
  • Stainless Steel construction
  • Stainless ball lock post and gas disconnect allows regulator to be removed without loosing gas
  • 60psi regulator & 75psi pressure release valve on the keg spear.
  • Regulator comes default with a threaded inlet allowing you to use larger 16g and 25g CO2 bulbs
  • Regulator comes with a spare unthreaded inlet with bulb holder allowing you to hot swap between CO2, Nitrogen, and Creamer bulbs in seconds
  • The regulator can also be used to attach a remote line & optional adapter for Sodastream 400g CO2 bottles, 2.2L Nitrogen & CO2 bottles or large refillable type 30 threaded gas bottles for a budget and environmentally friendly gas option.

*The other pictures show usage and gas options sold separately, this product is the iKegger 2.0 Tap & Regulator alone as shown in the 1st image with the standard button, keg and other displayed accessories are not included.

Other Accessories:
Drip Tray / Bar Mat:
Mini Size Drip Tray:
Mini Keg - Keg Stand - Anti-roll mat:
iKegger 2.0 Button Clip
iKegger 2.0 Remote Gas Line & Sodastream Adapter

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