Clip on Picnic Tap - Ball Lock

New with 8mm Duotight Push Fitting and 4mm ID line to help reduce foaming when pouring.

This easy to use, light and compact little tap makes it super easy to pour a beer from a corny keg or when using an iKegger with a double ball lock spear. It will even work while the keg is lying down in the fridge.

This setup will clip onto any liquid ball lock post so will also work on William Warn Brewkegs (brewkeg10, brewkeg25 and brewkeg50)  or any ball-lock Corny/Cornelius keg as well or any other system that has ball lock posts

It is also great for taking your keg out and about as it coils up in next to no space and weighs virtually nothing.

Easy Clean Option:
An MFL threaded disconnect with screw on 8mm push fit connector allows the 8mm beer line (4mm ID) to be disconnected for easy cleaning.

Approx 75cm hose length.

Kit Contains:

1x plastic thumb tap / picnic tap 

1x 75mm length of 8mm OD, 4mm ID beer line (4mm ID helps lessen foaming)

1x plastic liquid ball lock disconnect - threaded MFL

1x Duotight double o-ring MFL to 8mm push fitting


Ask a Question


Ask a Question
  • Hi there, in the youtube clip this came with a mini regulator. Is this included or separate? Cheers, Darryl (new ikeg user haha)

    Hi Darryl,
    This is just a clip on picnic tap. If you wanted a regulator with clip on disconnect you would need to buy that seperatly.

  • I am trying to dispense soda at 30psi and understand I need a longer line - how would I add more length to this?

    Hi there,
    Thanks for the question. Happy to help.
    There is no need to dispense at 30psi. You'd only want to dispense at 5 to 12 psi. Any higher and you will knock out the carbonation as it dispenses at speed.  
    You can carb up your beverage at 30psi, that is comin practice. But once carbed (about 12 hrs per 4L at 30psi and 4deg cold) you then lower the pressure to dispense.

    Let us know how you go, or if you have a specific serving situation or setup let us know. Cheers, Andrew.

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