Cocktail Kegs - Electric Tap & Mini Keg - Party Pump Tap for Events | Rechargable | Refillable

No gas needed, The electric USB rechargeable pump can dispense up to 50L of any drink, anywhere on a single charge! Perfect for parks, parties, beach, bbqs and sports events. Simple push-button operation to pour and just rinse and recharge when done.
  • Push-Button Pouring!
  • Stainless construction & Waterproof.
  • No more buying ice: our insulated kegs will stay cold all day without ice thanks to double wall vacuum insulation. The silver single wall kegs are budget friendly single wall construction and better for cooler bins or the fridge.
  • Easy to carry, no more lugging a cooler around: Built in handles on the kegs plus shoulder strap on the optional neoprene sleeve make it easy to carry up to 10L (30 stubbies)
  • Unbreakable Keg: Our stainless steel kegs have a 5yr warranty
  • Serves any beverage : Great for cocktails & non alcoholic drinks too!
  • No need to buy gas / never run out of gas: The battery powered tap will dispense approx 50L before needing to be charged via USB. You can dispense multiple kegs with one charge and you can swap to a new keg any time. You can get spare kegs here!
  • Food grade silicon dip Tube included
  • charging cable included. USB C connection.
  • Please Note: Pumped air will not maintain carbonation for more than 12 hours or so. For carbonated drinks, like beer, this Party Tap is best for when you will drink the whole keg in one day - eg at a bbq, party, beach trip, sports event, dinner party etc. For flat drinks like juice, coffee, soda, negroni etc it's not an issue.

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Ask a Question
  • Hi there. Can you please tell me the difference between a mini keg and a growler. Thanks

    Hi Marcel - Thanks for the message.
    The Growlers are flagon shaped and have a handle on the side. Many people like these for fills at breweries or tap rooms as they are easy to carry, are double walled (vacuum sealed so keeps things cold all day) and look pretty great too.  The mini keg is easy to carry as well but can be single walled which is smaller - or double walled.  The mini keg is shorter so fits on shorter fridge shelves better and is overall better for sitting on a bench for cocktails etc - very stable. 

    The double wall insulated versions get no condensation on the outside which is great.  The single wall ones you can add a cooler/carry sleeve to it to minimised condensation.

    Give us a bell if you have any other questions. Cheers - Andrew.

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