Nitro Coffee Dual Whip 1L - Real Nitro Cold Brew Maker & Cream Whipper 2-IN-1

Love Cold Brew Coffee?  Love Nitro Cold Brew Coffee? Haven't Tried it?  Well you should!

Make your own nitrogen infused cold beverages at home and enjoy the cascading goodness of Nitro.  Fill with your beverage of choice - screw on the top - charge with a pure Nitrogen Bulb or Cream bulb and pour! So simple.  
Works with Pure Nitrogen (N2) or Nitrous N20 cream bulbs.
Comes with a propper nitro frothing spout (with 5 hole restrictor plate)  as well as cream whipping spouts - so can be used to whip cream as well for all your favorite deserts!

Coffee, Ice Tea, Kombucha, Cider, Cocktails, Espresso Martini - you name it - it can probably be Nitro Whipped!  Create amazing cascading, frothy, Nitro infused beverages.

Pure Nitrogen: purchase here:
Use N2 bulbs for Cold Brew Coffee.  Serves about 500ml per bulb
This will create a better cascading effect and thicker. tighter, creamer bubbles - but with a thin dissipating head. Rousing the beverage will bring the cascade back

Cream Bulbs: purchase here:
Use for espresso martini or anything sweet & creamy, or to whip cream. Serves about 1000ml per bulb.
N20 Bulbs create a more frothy head, bigger less tight bubbles and quicker cascade.


  • 1.0L Capacity (fill only to 900ml max for use)
  • Matte Black Power Coat
  • Stainless Steel Construction. ABS Black Bulb Cover
  • Removable head & Nitro Spouts
  • Dual Purpose - For Nitro Drinks or Whipped Cream
  • Nitro Spout Nozzle included (stout/sparkler spout) (With 5 hole plate to make tiny creamy bubbles)
  • 3x Cream whipping Spouts Included, cleaning brush & spare orings.
  • Easy cleaning. Dishwasher safe
  • Can be stored for several days in the fridge


  • Size: D: 94mm * H: 356mm
  • Net weight:1.2kg
  • Single package size: 11cm*11cm*38cm
Ask a Question


Ask a Question
  • Hey team do you sell the Nitro Spout Nozzle (stout/sparkler spout) (With 5 hole plate to make tiny creamy bubbles) separately?

    Hey Josh, we do have some coming in a few weeks actually. 
    Reply to this msg and we can let you know.
    Cheers Andrew.

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