Beer Regulator - MK4 - Co2 Regulator - Dual Gauge
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Beer Regulator - MK4 - Co2 Regulator - Dual Gauge

The MK4 regulator provides reliable gas control. It has a large body with high flow rates and has a precision diaphragm allowing accurate adjustments with the easy to use adjustment knob.

Gas Line:
Select your a gas line and disconnect for this regulator here:

New and improved features:

  • Steel Gauges made from thicker steel
  • Gauges read in kPa, Bar and PSI
  • New Colour Coded pressure release valves (PRV) allowing different pressure levels for safety.
  • M6 Mounting Holes for mounting options.
  • 0-50 PSI recommended working pressure (higher pressure gauges and PRV can be fitted to make this model go up to 100 PSI)
  • Green (65psi) PRV installed by default. Lower (35psi) and higher (100psi ) pressure relief valves are available (sold separately).
  • 1/4" MFL outlet (uses same swivel nut & barb as MFL ball lock disconnects & also fits our MFL 8mm push fittings)
  • Default to work with CO2 but can also be used with: Nitrogen, Oxygen, Argon & Helium by changing the cylinder connection (stem) to the needed fitting. - Stem & nut sold separately.

This regulator has been designed so that the whole seat and seat cap assembly are manufactured as a fully encapsulated part. This adds to the reliability and in the case that the regulator is eventually opened up for servicing it reduces the chance of this assembly becoming contaminated by the service agent. This further improves reliability.

Output Pressure Gauge: 0-100 PSI
Tank Pressure Gauge: 0-3000 PSI
Outlet: MFL with Barbed Swivel Nut
Effective Working Pressure: 0-50 PSI

Controls high pressure CO2 from a cylinder down to pressures usable in a beer keg or other situations where low pressure is needed.

This is the most common type of regulator used in homebrew setups with 19L corny kegs or commercial keg setups. It will fit onto any standard NZ spec co2 cylinder (type 30 valve).

We also have sodastream adapters for these regulators so you can use a sodastream cylinder with with to have a more portable solution. 

Feel free to send us a message if you have any questions or specific kegging / brewing needs.


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