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Tap Decal Holder | Tap Badge | 73mm Chrome Plated Plastic

These decal holders look great and are an easy way to show the name of your beer. They are a standard size so you can get 73mm circular decals made up or maybe even pick some up from a bar if you ask nicely...

The two piece design has a sliding base that moves up and down which allows the decal holder to fit ANY TAP design / shape without taking the tap off the tower / shank.

To attach to a tap, the sliding base can be removed with a Philips screwdriver - remove two screws, slide base off then place decal holder over tap then reattach the sliding base. There is no need to remove the tap from the font or shank to fit the decal, it simply fits over the tap or shank and you do the screws back up.

The holder will support a sticker or decal up to 73mm in diameter.

Note: tap + font are not included
Tap Badge Holder - Beer Badge - Beer Label -
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