PET Carbonation Cap / Pressure Transfer PET bottle filler / Line Cleaning adapter

Pressure Transfer:
These stainless steel caps are a great option for home brewers to pressure transfer from keg to PET bottle like a pro but without the high cost!

The cap can screw onto most PET bottles and can have a dip tube attached to go to the bottom of the bottle.  The top of the cap has a ball lock post which fits both Black/gas and grey/gas disconnects.  

Take the gas off your keg and attach to the PET bottle - now the PET bottle and keg are the same pressure. Connect the gas back to your keg and attache a transfer line / daisy chain from the keg to the PET bottle. Nothing should transfer at first but if you loosen the cap on the PET bottle beer should start to flow. Letting gas out slowly should enable you to fill the bottle with little to no foam and preserve that precious carbonation (c:

You can leave the cap on like a top if you like or slowly take it off and replace with a normal screw cap.


Force Carbonating:
You can also use this cap for force carbonating test batches of homebrew in a PET bottles to taste with carbonation early before aging. Or you might just be eager and want to try some beer before waiting for that keg to carbonate...  Fill up a PET bottle 3/4 with uncarbonated beer from the fermenter or keg, squeeze the bottle for force out any air, put the cap on and hit it with 30PSI and shake for a few mins.  Take off the gas and let sit for a while then drink. Works best if the uncarbed beer is very cold first.


Line Cleaning - CIP Pressure Cleaning:
Fill a PET bottle with cleaning solution as above - put the cap on and hit with 30PSI. Disconnect gas and connect the bottle to the GAS IN POST of a keg needing cleaning. IF the keg is connected to a tap then open the tap and the cleaning solution should flow from the bottle to the keg, through the beer line and out the tap. Happy cleaning!


Instructional Video Below:

Ask a Question


Ask a Question
  • Hi, please can you tell me the thread size for the fitting as I'm wondering if it will fit on a commercial keg coupler, thanks

    Hi there - No these wont but we do have coupler to ball lock adapters here that are made to fit commerical couplers. Image below :  send us an email to if you would like to sort these out for you. Ball lock to coupler adapter

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