16g Threaded CO2 Cartridge / Canisters

High quality, recyclable steel, 16 gram threaded food grade CO2 canisters to keep your mini kegs pouring, (or anything that uses 16g gas bulbs)

These are needed to pressurize your keg and allow the beer to be poured from the tap. Each canister will dispense around 4-5L from a mini keg.  The thread on these is 3/8 24 UNF.

1 box of 10 is enough gas to dispense approximately 40L of beer (20 x 2L Growlers/kegs or 10 x 4L kegs) or enough to carbonate and dispense about 23L of home brew.  1 canister will carbonate about 4L or 1 x 4L keg of un-carbonated homebrew / beverage.

Other Uses:
Rat / Rodent Traps: A12 & A24 Good Nature Rat Traps.
Our Co2 is much cheaper as they are non branded but still made by the leading manufacturer.
Buy per box of 10 canisters or case lot (30 boxes of 10 in a case) 
Contact us here and let us know your address & Business name if you want us to be your supplier in case lots - We have great freight rates too.

Cycle / Car Tyre:
These mini co2 cylinders can also be used to pump up bike or car tyres if you have the correct fitting/housing for them already.
One canister can inflate a 700c road tire to around 120-130psi (8.3bar) or one 26/27” MTB tire to around 40psi (2.1bar) - or two tires to 30psi

Beer Chargers
Life Jacket Gas Canister
Rodent Traps
Air rifles & paint ball guns that use a standard 16g threaded cartridge
16g threaded 3/8" CO2 cartridges
Threaded 16g CO2 cartridge
Bike, sports ball. motocross, motorcycle tire CO2 cartridge
Threaded CO2 cartridge
Co2 inflator - Tyre inflator
Replacement Co2 Canister
Tyre repair kit
16g refill canister
Good Nature A24 Rat Trap A12 possum trap. co2 gas canister goodnature smart traps


Ask a Question


Ask a Question
  • can i get these filled with nitrogen and do nitro coffees at home???

    Hi John
    Unfortunatly not. All of the small canisters we use are disposible/recyclable and can't be refilled.

    However we do have nitrogen canisters and equipemtn especially for nitro coffee as you mentioned.
    Check out ouor Nitro Category here:


    Let us know if you have any questions - We are happy to help.

    Cheers, Andrew.

  • Hi, do these fit the GoodNature A24s please?

    They sure do!  Much more affordable this way.
    They come in cases of 30 boxes of 10 too if you want to case lots.

  • How do I recycle the used canisters?

    Hi Vanessa - These steel chargers as well as steel or aluminium cream chargers & nitrogen chargers are made with 100% recyclable steel or aluminum  - they can but put in your curbside recycling or any metal recycling plant.


  • Can I re carbonate my flat beer with these cartridges, If so what pressure and for how long?

    Yes you could carbonate approx 3.5-4L in a 4L keg with once canister - it would take about 12hrs to absorb the co2 at 25psi.

    If you put 3-4 L in a bigger keg - say a 10L keg you would need 3 canisters as the remainder of the keg is head space.  (smaller the head space is one key for carbonating)

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