Cold Brew Coffee Maker 8-10L

Big Volume Cold Brew Coffee Bucket / Toddy

Cold brew is simply coffee that has been brewed with cold rather than hot water and usually involves a long steeping process anywhere between 12-24 hours. All you need to do is steep coarsely ground coffee in water overnight to produce a bold, smooth [low acid] extract that is superior to powders and hot-brewed liquids. It offers a full-bodied, aromatic flavour profile that translates into a bold, super-smooth taste.

This Cold Brew Coffee System contains:

  • Cold brew container / bucket
  • Covering lid
  • Perforated stainless steel false bottom stand / cold brew bag lifter
  • Filter paper starter kit & reusable Mesh Straining Bag - choose which one to use
  • Mash paddle
  • Sanitizing powder

Brew up to 2 kg of your favorite coffee to yield at least 8 Liters of super strong extract.
Or use 1 kg of coffee to make ready to drink cold brew.

How to make cold brew coffee:

  • Insert the Cold Brew Lifter in the cold brew coffee maker system, feet down, into the brewing container, making sure that the spigot is not clogged
  • Insert the filter paper into the brewing container with the open end facing upwards. The filter will rest on the top of the lift.
  • Pour 2kg of coarse ground coffee into the filter.
  • Slowly pour approximately 11.2 Litre of cool water into the open filter, making sure to saturate all the coffee grounds.
  • Tie the filter bag closed with the string. The string should be tied approximately 7cm from the top of the filter bag. Leave plenty of room for the coffee to move around. Tying the bag too tight will result in dry pockets in the grounds and the coffee extract will be very weak.
  • Cover with lid and let brew for 12-24 hours.  Leave out on the bench or put in a fridge if you like.
  • Pour concentrate into the suitable storage container.
  • Close the spigot and let the grounds rest an additional 15-30 minutes.
  • Decant the rest of the concentrate and refrigerate. Yield: approx. 8 liters.
  • Disposal/clean-up: Carefully remove the filter with grounds from the brewing container. Caution: filter is fragile when wet and subject to tearing. Dispose of filter and grounds. Rinse Cold Brew Lifter and air-dry for reuse.
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