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Mini Keg Spear
Gas and Liquid Ball Lock Spear
"The Brewers top"

  • All stainless steel construction
  • Has a ball lock post for the liquid and gas for easy connection and disconnection of the tap and regulator.
  • Has an over pressure bleed valve with automatic and manual operation. Vents at 35PSI (we also have a 75psi model - let us know if you prefer this version after checkout.)
  • Can be used with any of the tap options and any of the gas system options.
  • Uses flexible beer line for a dip tube (can be used lying down)
  • Has valves in both posts so tap and gas can be removed without losing pressure or spilling beer.
  • Same connections as 19L corny kegs so can be joined together in a daisy chain or do keg-keg transfers.
  • Use to counter-pressure fill from kegs and force carbonating home brew, the most versatile spear by far.
  • Use either standard plastic disconnects or our premium steel disconnects to attach the tap and regulator.
  • These tops fit all of our mini kegs. They have a M35x1.5 thread (35mm thread T/D size 33.5 pitch 1.5)
  • Needs an adapter to be used with the 2L Insulated Growler, get it here.
  • Spear Only, Does Not Include Tap or Gas System
Ask a Question


Ask a Question
  • hi do these come with a dip tube - if not can u provide ? thanks

    Yes they do come with a dip tube. 

  • Can I get an adapter to use on a keg that had a D type fitting, i have taken the ball and dip tube out and need a socket to join them up. cheers

    Hi Michael -
    At this stage an adapter like this doenst not exist unless you can make one up yourlself.
    The eaiser way us to keep the D-type fitting in and use a d-type coupler with ball lock post conversions here:

    Dtype coupler here too if you need one:

    Hopfully this sorts you out for what you need.

  • Hi, do you sell the 75psi pressure bleed valves separately?

    Yes we do -
    Here is a link:

  • Hi folks. Can you tell me the dimensions of the thread, please?

    Hi Brad - These have a M35x1.5 thread (35mm thread T/D size 33.5 pitch 1.5)

  • What pressure does the over pressure bleed valve release at?

    Hi David -
    We have these avalaible in both 35psi or 75psi.  Let u sknow what modle you are after after purchasing. Cheers.

  • Do you have complete washer kits for these?

    Yes we do - link below:

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