Double Co2 Regulator - Twin regulator - tripple gauge

Double Co2 Regulator - triple gauge

Gas Line:
Select your a gas line and disconnect for this regulator here:

This is the Dual Pressure MKIII CO2 Regulator - with this you can set two different CO2 pressures for different beers on tap.  One low pressure for Stout for example and one higher pressure for Pilsner.

Instead of having two regulators for different pressures you can do it with the one MKIII Dual Pressure Regulator.  

You sent the reg closest to the cylinder to the higher pressure you want and then the second reg needs to be lower than that pressure.

This is also handy for force carbing - you can set the first reg to your force carbing pressure and still have your other kegs at serving pressure.

We also have an adapter to attach to two single regs together if you already have a single reg. This works by taking off one high pressure gauge and adding in the adapter then screwing in the other single guage reg to join them together - similar to how the Double reg above is.

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Ask a Question
  • whats the maximum pressure outlet setting

    Hi Dave -
    The Pressure release on this one goes at approx 55-65 psi.
    If you need more pressure (up to 100psi) you can look at buying two mk4 regs and an adapter to join then and get a stronger pressure release valve.  We have all this here if needed.
    Cheers - Andrew.

  • What is the overall length of this unit.

    Hi Cliff - The Length is 29.5cm.  Thanks.

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