Duo - Terra - Art Sodastream Filling Adapter - NEW!

Note: Only for Duo - Terra - Art Sodastream Cylinders.

This easy to use Duo - Terra - Art Soda stream Cylinder Filling Adaptor will enable you to fill your own CO2 from your larger bulk cylinder into smaller SodaStream cylinders.
Co2 Cylinder:
Buy a Full Size 3kg (1M3) cylinder here from us  - Swap when empty at any EziSwap center around NZ

An easy and inexpensive way to fill your own Sodastream Cylinders at home at a fraction of the cost of getting the refills from your local store.

When using, be sure to following these important points:
1. That the seals goes in the correct location. So when the SodaStream Filler arrives, please make sure to use the correct seal in the correct side.

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Ask a Question
  • Hey just wanted to check. In order to fill a terra cylinder at home I would only require this adapter and the 1M3 cylinder? No hose required or anything like that? Thanks!

    Correct - that is all you will need.
    Note - The cylinder needs to be put upside down (make some kind of cradle) to trasnfer the liquid co2. Or get a cylinder with a dip tube to the bottom.

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