Essencia Express Copper Reflux / Pot Condenser Kit

The new pro-grade Essencia Express Reflux and Pot Condenser is faster, more flexible and easier to use than any condenser on the market today. It will reflux a 25L wash to 94% pure alcohol in under 3 1/2 hoursÊto an incredible 94% ABV. It can be easily configured as a copper pot still without separate parts for stripping and spirit runs. Designed and hand-engineered in Christchurch NZ, the 100% copper condenser is super-efficient with 1.3m of quality copper condensing coil in the compact unit which will handle up to 3kW of power upgrade. ÊExtract up to 96% of alcohol from the wash. ÊThe universal 2_ tri-clamp fitting allow for addition accessories such as the botanical basket sight glass, bubble plates and more. RRP $995. ÊDispense with messy carbons and clearing agents Ð use Essencia Super 6 Ultra Pure pro distillers yeast, and the Essencia Carbon Filter System for the purest neutral spirit. ÊAdd botanicals to produce your favourite gin. ÊOr use in pot-still mode at lower power to strip flavourful rum or whisky from your molasses or malted-barley wash. ÊTo order, email

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