FreedomOne Quick Connect Sodastream Hose 1.5m

NEW! - these are for any quick connect sodastream machines,  for eacmpke the Duo / Terra or Art Machines. (The Pink co2 Bottle Machines)

The new upgraded model comes with a stronger steel braided hose & no pressure gauge (which isn't necessary - and also less parts to go have possible leaks)

Connect a full size co2 cylinder directly to the newer style clip in / quick gas cylinder connect machines, eg: Duo / Terra / Art Soda stream machines.

Co2 Cylinder:

Buy a Full Size 3kg (1M3) cylinder here from us  - Swap when empty at any EziSwap center around NZ

Want to ditch the excessive cost of Soda Stream bottles and the waste associated with it? Purchase the Freedom One High Pressure Sodastream Hose adapter 32inch or 72iinch along with a 3.5KG Co2 Gas bottle (or use your own co2 bottle) for maximum cost savings!

Please Note: This does not come with a CO2 Bottle, Or the SodaStream unit itself.

This fits NZ/AU Duo / Terra / Art Sodastream machines only and NZ Co2 cylinders (type 30 or w21.4)  not CGA320

With a 3.5KG co2 cylinder you will be able to carbonate over 500L
2Kg cylinder about 300L
Refills of the cylinders cost about costing about $25-45

A typical Soda Stream cylinder can only carbonate up to 60L and will cost about $30 per fill.  So given these figures the larger cylinder and this hose will pay itself off once you fill your larger gas cylinder once.  It's a no brainer! 

Setup Options:
Free standing or Drilling Through a bench to have the cylinder underneath:
We have included two options when drilling through your bench top to fit your hose. Either remove the quick release fitting from the brass connection and drill a 14-15mm hole. Or, Without removing the brass connection piece you would need to drill a 30mm hole to fit the bottle connection end through your bench top.

Please Note: This does not come with a CO2 Bottle, Or the SodaStream unit itself.

Usage / Assembly:

  • Remove Sodstream stream cylinder from Duo / Terra / Art Sodastream machine.
  • Decide if you want the hose to go through a bench or not as above. NOTE: It is best to test the setup first before putting through a bench.
  • Now screw the male end of the freedom one hose into your Sodastream Machine - you may need some tools to do it up depending on your machine.  Don't do it up super tight as the Sodastream machine has a plastic fitting - you don't want to crack it.  It just needs to be tight enough to seal.
  • Now Screw the Female end of Freedom One hose to your co2 cylinder nice and tight - make sure there is a white or black gasket is inside the female end.
  • Turn on the Gas cylinder just a fraction (anticlockwise turn) to see if there are any leaks.  If there is a big leak you will hear it.  Tighten the connections if needed. Spray some soapy water around connections to check for a slow bubble leak.
  • Once leak checks are done - turn the cylinder on a few full turns (don't turn on hard all the way)
  • Test the machine is working.  There are Tips below if needed.
  • When not in use it is recommended to turn off your gas cylinder to prevent any unknown gas leakage.

Troubleshooting tips:

If you find that you are getting a low amount of carbonation or the gas is not flowing as vigorously into your sodastream machine then please try these troubleshooting tips:

1. Check you have gas in your gas cylinder.  (Do not use the pressure gauge for this as the pressure increases and decreases as the temperature of the bottle increases and decreases).  So the only way to check the cylinder is to put it onto the bathroom or kitchen scales.  The weights are

2.6kg Cylinder - Full will be about 10kg.
2.6kg Cylinder - Empty will be about 7.5kg

6kg Cylinder - Full will be about 21kg
6kg Cylinder - Empty will be about 15kg


2. Check you get good flow from the cylinder valve.  Without any FreedomeOne hose attached turn on the cylinder handle for a short period and make sure the gas flows out of the valve vigorously.  If it doesn't then you might want to adjust your RPV valve

3. Check you have gas flowing through the hose.  Attach the hose to the CO2 gas cylinder then use some pliers or something hard to depress the pin on the sodastream end.   If you do not get good flow through the hose your hose might be blocked.  Perhaps one of the o-rings in the quick disconnect has been pushed into the hose.  If this happens you need to unscrew the fittings on the hose and clear out any blockages or back flush the device with pressure from the opposite direction.

4. Make sure the hose is screwed into the back of the Sodastream machine fully.  If the FreedomOne hose is not screwed in far enough the pin will not get depressed completely.  If the pin is pressed down too much it may never disengage and CO2 might continue to flow even after the Sodastream machine is in the off position.  Check your seals inside the Sodastream machine to make sure they are in good condition.

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