Micro Mini Nitrogen Regulator - For 8gram non threaded cartridges

This micro portable regulator has a solid brass body to enable working with the high pressure of nitrogen bulbs. It will also work with N20 bulbs (cream chargers) or co2 bulbs.

This great small portable regulator is perfect for trying out your kegged brew served on nitrogen without the big expense of larger bottle and full size reg setups - Nitro stouts, nitro porters or even Nitro milkshake IPA! Anything is possible.
Carb up you beer as normal and then attach this regulator for serving through a stout tap.

It has a bulb / canister cover that ensures the non threaded gas bulb stays sealed and connected as well and protecting your hands from the bulb getting cold when gas in releasing.

Comes with an MFL swivle adapter so you can attach any MFL threaded disconnect or Has an 8mm Outlet so you can use out remote gas line adapters.

Buy Pure Nitrogen or N20 cream Gas bulbs here:

Choose your MFL disconnect here:

Choose a stout tap here:

Gas Line:

Select your a gas line and disconnect for this regulator here:


  • Brass Body for high pressure canisters
  • Comes with an MFL adapter swivle.
  • No Gauge to keep profile small - Knob had pressure indications in PSI printed.
  • Stainless canister cover
  • Works with 8g Nitrogen or No2 (cream chargers)
  • 0-40 PSI


Ask a Question


Ask a Question
  • I own a nitro cocktail kegs from you. Can I use this with my current setup?

    Hi Kevin -
    This reg needs a ball lock gas post to clip onto. So no you cant use it with your current setup unfortunatly.
    You would need a new ball lock spear:  (your tap would clip onto this if it is the clip on type)

    The Micro N2 reg is for when you want to run things at a lower pressure or control the pressure - is this what you are wanting to do?
    Give us a call if you want to discuss usage. Happy to help.

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