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We have a new and improved design!
We have added 3x gas canister pockets on the front as well as a strap on each side (so works as a backpack) for the 4L, 5L and 10L sizes.

Keg Parka for mini kegs - Mini Keg Jacket - Neoprene Sleeve:

  • Keeps your Keg cool for an extra few hours
  • Sizes for 2L, 4L, 5L (or 4L insulated) and 10L mini kegs.
  • Perfect Keg Jacket for Beach, BBQ, Parties, Camping, Road trips etc
  • Eliminates condensation out outside of keg
  • Protects Keg from scratches/damage
  • Handy Carry Straps - Easy to carry your keg around
  • Use a bigger sleeve for extra storage room - Use a 4L for a 2L keg, or a 10L for a 5L keg and have room in top for other gear.
  • 4L Double Wall kegs fit the 5L sleeve (not the 4L sleeve)
  • (10L won't fit a 10L corny keg as those kegs are much wider)


Get in quick while they are hot - there was a big backlog of orders while we waited on these.

Made from 5mm neoprene these giant stubby coolers will keep your beer cold for an extra hour or two when out and about.

We tested them with a 4L keg full of beer starting at 5deg and after 2 hours it was only at 7deg (room temperature was 20deg)   - still perfect drinking temp!

They include a shoulder strap to make carrying your mini keg super easy!

Put a handful of ice into the bottom and top to extend the cooling capacity. Or put your 2L down the bottom of a 4L sleeve and have room for some glasses and snacks on top!

Ask a Question


Ask a Question
  • does the 5litre sleeve fit the DOUBLE wall 5litre mini keg?

    Hi Mike -  Yes it sure does.  Its jsut about 6cm shorter as the 5L Double Wall is a bit taller than the standard 5L.


  • Can the 2Ltr fit the 2Ltr insulated keg or is it just for the non insulated? Cheers Kyle

    Yes The 2L Sleeve can fit the 2L insulated. Its a bit short but still covers up to the base of the neck.

  • Hey, just wondering if a std corny 10l keg fits in this, thanks

    Hi Antony, sorry these ones are for our 10L mini kegs which are slimmer than a corny keg.
    A corny keg parka is what you are after. We just ran out of stock too. Maybe a few weeks until back in stock.

  • Are there any stubbie sleeves for the 4l short neck growlers. It would really crazy if it had an attached soda stream sleeve, one could throw the system over ones shoulder

    Hey Dean. Thanks for the question.
    You are in luck, the 5L sleeve will fit it! It doesn't have a Sodastream pocket but that can be easily retrofitted. If you are wanting to make it more portable you can't beat the mini gas canisters though. They really aren't that expensive and they do save so much room.  One canister does 4L. 

    We also have 4L insulated kegs now as well. They are shorter than the growler and don't need the reducing adapter on the top. Let me know if you want us to send some images through, we only have a limited amount at the moment until the full shipment is here.

  • Hi there, can you tell me the internal diameter of the 10L sleeve and how tall it is? I'm looking for a sleeve to fit

    Hi There - these are 18cm in diameter and 50cm tall.  They will stretch a bit so I think you will be all ok.

    Sorry for the delay in this answer!

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