Duotight Push in 8mm x MFL Fitting (to suit MFL Disconnect)

Use these fittings to easily connect your beer or gas line to your MFL fittings.

One end screws on to your MFL threaded connector, and the other has a push fit connector for 8mm (outside diameter 5/16") beer or gas line.

These remove the need for clamps and makes it easy to disconnect the beer or gas line at a later stage.

Note: MFL ball lock disconnect / keg connector and tubing sold separately.

These great little adapters screw directly onto your keg setup. They allow you to push your beer/gas line with 8mm OD (5/16”) directly into the fitting. This makes it easy to disconnect the beer/gas line at a later stage and it eliminates the need to use hose clamps.

This unit will fit MFL Quick Disconnects

Ask a Question


Ask a Question
  • Hi, do you guys have a tee connector for the 8mm hose? have not seen any on your site. looking to carbonate my corny and 4L at the same time. Cheers.

    Hi Dean -
    Sure I have put this product up for you now here:

  • Hi there Can you please confirm when these will be available?

    Hi Tim - Oh, we have loads - They came in last week but the website must have not been updated. It is all good to go now - go for it!

  • Hi I’ve been having trouble with my plastic duotight fittings cracking and I’ve been told by supplier it’s from using stellarsan on them where the chemical degrades the plastic. This is frustrating as I’ve only been using them for 2 months. Will these fittings be more reliable for this normal home brewing use? Including chemicals like stellarsan? Plus are the little black plastic connection that grips tube replacable if they break? Thank you

    Hi Carl - thanks for the message.
    I wanst aware that stellasan would degrade plastic so I assume the same would happen with the black plastic part on these (the parts are not replacable) but I could be wrongs as it couldnt be a different plastic.
    However we have been using these fittings for many years and had none crack. We dont go crazy with stellasan or star san on them when doing leak checks but do wipe them over once done. These are great fittings though. We prefer them to the plastic equivilent. Maybe make up a more dilute solution for leak checking? see if that helps?
    Give us a bell anytime if you have any other questions. Cheers.

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