Sodastream Adapter For Professional Mini Regulator (Also Fits Paintbal

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Sodastream Adapter For Professional Mini Regulator (Also Fits Paintball Cylinder)

We have had new adapters made for our mini regs that don't need the 74 gram adapter to be changed on the Mini Reg. Just screw the adapter in like you would with a mini gas canister! Easy!

We still have the 74g version as well as full size regulator versions - select your desired size from the drop down box to the side.

These custom made brass adapters allow you to use a Sodastream bottle or Paintball cylinder with our Pro Mini Regulators only.

**Note - Our Sodastream adapters look similar to other SS adapters for full size regulators on the market but they are a different thread. If you want to use a Sodastream cylinder with our mini regulators you will need one of our Sodastream adapters which we have had made specifically for these mini regs.

**We do have Full size reg Sodastream adapters if you want them. Select from the list to the side.

**If you want to use the 74g version of this adapter you will need a spare larger chrome plated adapter which needs to be switched onto the reg in order to use the 74g Sodastream adapter. Let us know if you need one of these.

A 30L Soda Stream bottle holds the equivalent of 17 x 16g disposable cartridges and can be swapped for a full one for about $11-$15 from your nearest supermarket or retailer (see this map for your closest exchange location)

These are much more cost effective than 16g canisters while still being portable and small enough to fit in the fridge if you are force carbonating.

As you can see in the pictures, by using either a stainless steel disconnect with a 19L corny keg or a plastic disconnect with the 4L keg you still have a compact solution.




The adapter comes pre-set - you should not have to adjust the set screw, however If no gas is releasing when connected you can use a correct sized Hex/Allen Key to screw the adapters set screw out further and test again.

Assembly Instructions & Use:

  • All threads here are Lefty Loosey, Righty Tighty (they are not reverse threads).
  • First - change the regulator inlet. Use the correct sized spanner or wrench to remove the existing gas inlet/fitting on the bottom of the regulator. Incorrect sizes tools can damage the brass fitting. It will be on tight so you will need to securely hold the regulator without damaging it.
  • Once removed, replace and tighten well with the additional chrome plated fitting that was included with the Pro Regulator. (It looks similar to the one you have just removed but with a larger diameter interior thread) Make sure the rubber gasket is intact.
  • Once the new inlet adapter is attached to the regulator you can now screw in your brass Sodastream adapter tightly.
  • NOTE - Do not attach the adapter to the sodastream bottle first. This will allow the CO2 to escape. 
  • A sodastream bottle or paintball cylinder can then be screwed into the regulator. MAKE SURE THE REGULATOR IS IN THE OFF POSITION WHEN ATTACHING!
  • When screwing in, the adapter will press the release valve on the sodastream bottle. Keep on screwing if you hear a hiss until it stops and. Be wary of any CO2 that may escape as it can be freezing to the touch - wear gloves to be safe.
  • If there is a lot of gas escaping when screwing the gas tank in then the set screw may be screwed in too far. Unscrew the gas and then remove the sodastream adapter from the reg and back off the set screw in the sodastream adapter a half or quarter turn then try again.
  • The adapter should only press the gas release valve on the cylinder once nearly fully screwed in. You can test this by attaching the adapter to the cylinder by itself (without being attached to the regulator) and see when gas starts being released.
  • The adapter comes pre-set - you should not have to adjust the set screw, however If no gas is releasing when connected you can use a correct sized Hex/Allen Key to screw the adapters set screw out further and test again.
  • When using once connected to a gas supply, spray some soapy water around the connections to check for any gas leakage. If there is, tighten the fittings and check again. A light cover of thread tape can be used on threads if needed.
  • NOTE - Make sure your system is complete before turning the pressure up on the reg - IE: Never turn our mini regs on with just a disconnect attached to it - always make sure the disconnect is attached to a keg or system before turning on.
  • Once the bottle is attached to the regulator and the gas outlet is connected to a keg, slowly turn the knob of the reg to achieve the pressure you desire.
  • If you turn the pressure up higher than wanted you will need to turn down the reg and purge the keg it is attached to to lower the pressure reading on the reg.

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