Sodastream Cylinder Delux Filling station

Want to Save some money on your sodastream fills?
Fill your own sodastream bottles direct from your own co2 cylinder - or purchase a co2 cylinder or fire extinguisher to go with this unit.

CO2 Cylinder available here:

Usage Instruction at the bottom of this page here:

This fits NZ/AU sodastream bottles only and NZ Co2 cylinders (type 30 or w21.4)  not CGA320

Easy to use and safe with 2x ball valves to release pressure in each part of the line.  No need to turn the valve on and off all the time and much more control with the speed of fill with the ball valve handles.

Please Note: This Soda stream Filler does not come with a CO2 Bottle, Or the SodaStream unit itself.
Warning: Filling your own cylinder is at your own risk and not advised by Sodastream NZ.

With a 3.5KG co2 cylinder could fill a sodstream bottle about 8-9 times. 
Refills of the 3.5kg cylinder cylinders cost about $60-$70 

A typical Soda Stream cylinder can only carbonate up to 60L and will cost about $30 per re-fill at retailers.  So given these figures the larger cylinder and this fill station will pay itself off once you fill the 3.5kg gas cylinder once.  It's a no brainer! 

Setup Tips:
When using a co2 bottle you will need invert the co2 cylinder (make a stand for is to be safe) You need to invert as most co2 cylinders dont have a dip tube and you want the liquid co2 to transfer.
Use a fire extinguisher with type 30 valve. These have dip tubes already installed so you can keep it upright. They are much easier to use and cheaper than a co2 cylinder.
Soda stream cylinder have a safety valve that protects then from being filled. You need to start the fill very slowly to ensure the valve does not close.  Once the gas is flowing you can speed up the fill.   If gas is not flowing you will need to detach the sodastream cylinder to reset the valve and start again.

1) Attach fill station to co2 donor cylinder nice and tight.  (you will need a washer added between to seal.
2) Attache black end to the sodastream cylinder nice and tight. make sure you use 1 clear disc supplied and place inside the black adapter. This is the seal gasket and is needed to make sure there are no leaks.  - stand the sodastream bottle somewhere SAFE / SECURE so it does not fall.
Don't loose these discs - we have given you 2 just in case. We suggest taping the bag to the hose so you always have them together.
3) Make sure both red handle are turned off - 90 deg to the body of the filler
4) Screw down the gold to engage the sodastream pin
5) Open the co2 donor cylinder or fire extinguisher and keep open
6) VERY slowly open the valve closet to the co2 donor cylinder - you will hear the gas start to transfer. Once it is trasfering you can open the valve up a little more to speed up the fill.
7) once the gas stops flowing (you will hear by the sound) you can close the ball  valve again.
8) Then turn off the co2 cylinder (unless filling another soda stream bottle right away)
9) Then unscrew the gold knob above the sodastream bottle
10) Then open the other further away ball valve to release the pressure in the line.
11) Then unscrew the sodastream cylinder.  (make sure you don't loose the clear disk)
11) Then open the closer ball valve to release that area of gas
12) then take the fill station off the co2 bottle (optional)

Multiple fills:
After point 11 you can add another empty sodastream cylinder and close the further away ball valve an repeat filling from step 4.
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