4L iKegger Mini Keg Kit - Choose your tapping system

4L Pro Tap Keg Package | Brewers Kit
Any Drink - On Tap - Anywhere!

Pour like a pro and turn some heads with this super portable high quality mini keg set. Put any drink in the keg, pressurise with the mini reg (gas canisters sold separately) then clip on the tap and pour!

homebrew kegging system with co2 tap

  • Includes Keg w/ flat top & Ball Lock Spear top, Clip on Regulator & Clip on tap
  • Gas canisters sold separately here >
  • Runs on 16g threaded CO2 canisters - 1x canister pours approx 4-5L of beverage.
  • Comes with 1.2m Silicon Dip tube so you have plenty spare in case you loose one.  Make each dip tube length the same height as the keg only.
  • 4L approximate volume or 12x 330ml bottles / stubbies
  • Ball lock posts for liquid and gas
  • Gas bleed valve for burping the keg.
  • Half the size & weight of bottles
  • Perfect for camping, bbqs, parties, caravans etc
  • Made from 304 stainless steel these kegs are virtually unbreakable. (5 year warranty)
  • Passivated stainless for food safe use.
  • Integrated, easy to grip, comfortable handles
  • Stackable design for easy storage 
  • Includes a high quality tap and professional quality regulator
  • The most variable and multi functional tapping system.
  • Uses the same ball lock posts as 9.5L and 19L "cornie" kegs.
  • Tap and regulator click on and off for storage.
  • Adjust Pressure with the regulator and Pressure release valve (max 75psi)
  • The valves maintain the pressure in the keg.
  • Can be chained together with more of our kegs or with your current system so there is always 4L (or more with additional kegs and spears) of beer ready to take away, just disconnect & go!
  • Can be used to force carbonate home brew beer or cider - or any drink really!.
  • Standard double growler size (marked with either a 4L or 3.78L fill line) for easy filling at your local brewery / bar
  • Actual volume is just over 4L
  • Perfect for home brew, either for natural carbonation with dextrose or force carbonating using the Pro / Brewers Tap.
  • Keg Dimensions: 13.5cm diameter, 35cm high (taps add approx 12cm to height) 
  • Perfect to add to an existing 19L keg kit, making 23L total.
  • Plug and play with your existing kegerator system (ball lock posts)
  • Link together with your current keg and always have the equivalent of 12 beers ready to go at a moments notice. check out the video instructions here >
  • Check out our 2L "Hummer" keg and bundle deals here.

Gas Canisters $29

  • Purchase Gas Here
  • 16g threaded CO2 canister
  • One canister pours approx 4-5L of beverage.
  • 10 pieces per packet, enough to dispense approx 40L of beer
  • Or enough to carbonate and dispense 23L of beer.
  • One canister carbonates approx 4L of beer - or one full Johnson
  • food grade
  • fits all our regs / tapping systems

Space Taken Up By An Entire 72 Stubbie Brew Using Mini Kegs 


How To Chain Mini Kegs Together Or Add to 19L Keg Systems

linking mini kegs together | home brew method

Note: The tap pictured here is a premium model coming soon. The tap included in packages is the one pictured in previous images above, this picture just illustrates how to chain them together.  The regulator in this image is also an older style reg that has now been superseded by the professional reg.


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