8mm to MFL Male Adapter (8mm thread to MFL thread)

8mm MALE THREAD / SCREW TO MFL 1/4 flare

This adapter allows you to attach any 1/4 MFL fitting the our mini co2 regulators.
Such as 8mm duoTight push fittings or other MFL based fittings.

This screws in tight and seals well and does not need the swivel adapter as is needed when using ball lock disconnects.

This is great if you want your regulator to not be directly connected to the keg and instead be on the end of a length of hose so it can be placed somewhere convenient for you situation (eg if the keg is lying down in the fridge)

Image below illustrates the use of a remote line. The adapter connects to the regulator end.

(Gas bottle, Reg and disconnect not included)

soda stream bottle on mini regulator

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