Auto Close Spring - Intertap Premium Taps only

For use on kegerators or long shank Assembly only.

Unfortunately these wont fit on our iKegger systems with our standard taps but we do have a smaller spring that will here >

This spring is mainly to be used with Intertap taps on kegerators or tap towers that have a deep recess on the shank end. There is a smaller guage version can be used with Intertap taps on our iKeggers but they are a little tight. They still do the trick though! (c:  If you want one of these make sure you let us know.

For kegerators and longer shanks:
The Intertap™ non flow control taps can be used with a Auto-Close Spring. By inserting the spring between the shank and tap body this will cause the tap to automatically close when you let go of the handle of the tap handle (as shown in photo below). This is perfect for customers who may not be diligent enough to remember to completely turn off the tap after each pour.

This auto-closing spring is easy to fit, made from stainless steel and makes the taps even more reliable and easy to use.

They are unfortunately too large/long to be used with our standard brumby taps on our packages.

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