CO2 Cylinder - 2kg or 3.5KG - Brand new CO2 Bottle.

Only In Stock as Eziswap Cylinders here:


These are supplied to order so expect a few days for delivery please.

2KG cylinder is approx 54cm tall & 11cm wide. 
3.5KG cylinder is approx 59cm tall &13cm wide.
Usually a fill is around about $70 so pretty great value as they last for ages!

We can send these full (food grade CO2) or empty if desired.

We can also supply 100% Nitrogen bottles and nitrogen Regulators as well which is great for Cold Brew Coffee or Cocktails and Ice Tea on Nitro. Let us know if you are after Nitrogen

We can also supply Beer mix (CO2 & Nitrogen mixed gas) cylinders. Ask if you are after one of these.

We also have full size CO2 regulators in stock as well as a range of connections, fittings & lines.  We do full Kegerator or jockey box builds for cafes, clubs or for your market stall etc. If you have any question just ask away.

Shipping to some areas may require an extra charge to to dangerous goods and rural addresses. We can work this out after purchasing.  Or give us a call / email to double check before ordering.

Ask a Question


Ask a Question
  • Hi we have a soda water tap in our home and we currently use the disposable C02 cylinders with a screw fitting which are 2.2 Litres. We can't fit the 3kg bottle under our bench but the dimensions for the 2kg are perfect. What regulator would I need? And how do I get that to connect with my current screw connector? Also did I see somewhere that you could provide via an Eziswap site? We live in the Wairarapa so if the Eziswap isn't an option what approximate cost of delivery would there be to Greytown. Thank you Melinda

    Hi Melinda -
    Thanks for getting in contact - We are happy to help out here.  It would be best if you can send a picture through of your current system with 2.2L cylidner attahced so we can see the attachements it currnetly uses. Also can you let us know the brand/modle of your system and what pressue you run it at please.

    Refillable co2 cylinders like the 2KG one you are after use a type30 fitting which is much wider than your 2.2L ones. If your system uses a regulator then we would need to swap that over for you too ($89 + fittings)

    Will wait to hear back from you. Cheers.

  • Does a Kegland CO2 Regulator fit commercial bottles i.e BOC 6KG?

    HI Alan -
    yes all NZ bottles should be a type 30 / W21.8 thread.

  • hi there, do you have any 3.5kg ones available?

    Hi Ryan -
    Yes we should have some 3.5kg cylinders ready early next week.
    If you want to pre-order one just reply to this and let us know.

  • Hi, Can you guys exchange the bottle when the cert expire ? Or do you know how mich to recert them ?

    Hi Edmond - co2 cylinders  will need a test 5 years after its last test date or manufacture date.
    We cant swap or test here but you can get them tested at most fire extinguisher service centres. A test is about $40-50 and a refill about the same.
    We can give a list of places that will test and fill if you like.
    Or if you want a bottle you can just swap and not worry abotu testing we can organise an eziswap bottle that can be swapped at a range on engineering firms around NZ. Cheers.

  • Hi, will we need a regulator for these cylinders? If we have two kegs, do we need regulator with two gauge? If we do need it, do you have it in stock and what price?

    Hi Raj -
    Yes you will need a regulator to attach to a co2 cylinder. We have them for $89.  You can split a gas line from one regulator to each keg if you needed too. A 2 way gas line would be about $25 + connections (eitehr ball lock or d-type)  What kind of kegs are you using?  Commercial D-type or Corny kegs or Mini Kegs?

  • Hi there. I was wondering how many litres will a 2kg c02 bottle dispense and same again with the 3.5kg c02 bottles. Cheers

    Hi there. The 2kg would carbonate or dispense at least 300L to 350L. The 3.5kg would carb or dispense 525L to 600L. 

  • Hi Andrew do these CO2 cylinders fit your regulators or will I need special fitting?

    Hi Nick - These Co2 cylinders will fit a full size co2 regulator with a type 30 fitting (pretty much most large regs in NZ and Aus)  The will only fit our mini regs with our full size regulator adapter here: Any other questions just fire them through.

  • Hi, I am looking at getting into kegging for my home brewing. What does beer mix mean?, as the set ups i have seen only have 1 bottle of co2 .Cheers

    Hi Trevor.
    Beer mix gas is a mix of nitrogen and co2. It is used for stouts and porters mainly or any beer on that you want to get a creamy head with cascading bubbles. You normally need a separate specific regulator for a mix cylinder.

    A normal co2 bottle is best to start off with. Let us know if you want us to organise you a package. Happy to help get you started.

  • Hi. Do you have an approximate date that you will have the CO2 tanks in stock?

    Hi Darren.
    We have them in stock now actually. Just getting filled Monday and ready to ship out again. 😀

  • Hi what height and diameter are the 2 and 3.5 kg food grade co2 cylinders. Looking to get refillable cylinder for Zeniith sparking water unit. It currently uses non refillable Italian cylinders which is wasteful. Nigel 0274 360000

    Hi Nigel -  The 2KG cylinder is approx 54cm tall & 11cm wide.  THe 3.5KG is 59cm Tall and 13cm wide.
    Usually a fill is around about $40-$50 so pretty good value. Let me know if there is anyting else we can help with. Cheers.

  • Hi, we would like to order some of those C02 cylinders. Is it possible to get the conformity certificate so we could check with our local gas supplier if it meets their standards. Thank you for your help

    Hi Almeras -  Sure thing - The bottles are Certified to AS/NZS1841.6 and meet NZS4503 standard
    SAI Global Standards Mark as well
    Rating 10B:E & comes with service tag. We have not had any issues filling these anywhere. Where are you based - I can talk to your local station if you like. Send through an email to and we can work out how many you need and any other details.

    Cheers, Andrew.

  • I am looking for a co2 for event supplies to use it with co2 cannon gun have you got any if yes then how much and refill

    Hi Rahul - Yes we have B size cylinders here:

    If you want a larger cylinder let us know adn we can organise one for you. Cheers.

  • Hi there how long is the wait for 3.5 kg bottle…thanks

    Hi Carl - Yes we have one left here in stock currently before the next batch is in - They are exiswap bottles.  Swap and go for approx $60-70 once empty.  No testing required either.

    Link here:
    Go for it -

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