CO2 Bottle Adaptor (Type 30) For Pro Mini Regulator

Full Size CO2 Bottle Adaptor For Professional Mini Regulator

This adaptor allows you to use our professional quality mini regulator with a full sized co2 gas cylinder / bottle valve. It comes standard with an internal sintered filter to aid in further gas filtering.

It also means you can get a bottle filled with nitrogen and use if with our mini kegs for those who love a nitro stout!

Using large bottles like these are by far the most cost effective way to buy CO2,a 2.6kg bottle is the equivalent of 160 x 16g disposable canisters and costs the same to refill as about 15 of the disposable cartridges ($30)

The bottles are quite expensive to buy and are very heavy though, they are definitely not what you would class as a portable system but great for in your home or garage / man cave.

In most situations a custom setup is needed. Most users would probably have the Mini Regulator stationary connected to a large gas bottle and rig up a hose from the gas outlet of the Mini Reg to your kegs in what ever way suits your system best. Male MFL to Barbed adapters or similar are available but this will depend on your requirements.


Never turn our mini regs on with just a disconnect attached to it as it may crack the disconnect housing. Always make sure the disconnect is attached to a keg or system before turning on the Reg.

Assembly Instructions & Use:

  • Initially make sure the Adapter fits on your gas bottle valve.
  • All threads here are Lefty Loosey, Righty Tighty (they are not reverse threads).
  • First - change the regulator inlet. Use the correct sized spanner or wrench to remove the existing gas inlet/fitting on the bottom of the regulator. Incorrect sizes tools can damage the brass fitting. It will be on tight so you will need to securely hold the regulator without damaging it.
  • Once removed, replace and tighten well with the additional chrome plated fitting that was included with the Pro Regulator. (It looks similar to the one you have just removed but with a larger diameter interior thread) Make sure the rubber gasket is intact.
  • Once the new inlet adapter is attached to the regulator, screw in your chrome coated Full Size Gas Bottle Adapter tightly.
  • You can now attach the regulator (via the adapter) to the gas bottle valve. MAKE SURE THE REGULATOR IS IN THE OFF POSITION WHEN ATTACHING!
  • NOTE - Make sure your system is complete before turning the pressure up - IE: Never turn our mini regs on with just a disconnect attached to it - always make sure the disconnect is attached to a keg or system before turning on.
  • Once the regulator is attached to the bottle and the gas outlet is connected to a keg, slowly turn the gas bottle on until it is fully on. At this point the regulator should not read any pressure if it starts to read pressure as you turn the gas on, turn the gas off and turn the knob of the reg to the full OFF position.
  • Once the gas is on, turn the knob of the reg slowly to achieve the pressure you desire.
  • If you turn the pressure up higher than wanted you will need to turn down the reg and purge the keg it is attached to to lower the pressure reading on the reg.
  • When using once connected to a gas supply, spray some soapy water around the connections to check for any gas leakage. If there is, tighten the fittings and check again. A light cover of thread tape can be used on threads if needed.
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