Complete 23L Standard Homebrew Kegging Package. 19L & 4L iKegger kit + accesories

This kit includes everything you need to keg, store and carbonate a 23L (or more) home brew batch. (apart from a sodastream cylinder or co2 bottle)

Includes: 4L mini keg pro kit pictured (or selected keg size), double ball lock keg spear with bleed valve, 19L corny keg, daisy chain connection to join them together, ball lock disconnect connections, a sodastream adapter, a chrome clip on tap and mini co2 regulator.

You can brew and and then keg straight into this setup then hook up into your existing Kegerator, or you could dedicate a beer fridge to house everything and pour direct from either keg.
With the daisy chain you can transfer beer from the larger keg to smaller keg anytime you like so you can always have beer ready and portable!

The pack includes:

1 x 4L "Johnson" Mini Keg - or keg size of your choice
1x 19L Corny Keg
1 x Double Ball Lock Spear + standard plastic disconnects
1 x Brumby Style Chrome Beer Tap
1 x Professional Quality Regulator
1 x Daisy-Chain Ball Lock Disconnect Link/hose (Standard Plastic)
Gas canisters sold separately here - for mobile tap pouring
1 x Sodastream CO2 Pro Regulator Adapter
Sodastream Bottle not included.
Total Full Price is over $550!

Stainless Upgrade:
If you want to upgrade to all stainless fittings + Stainless bar tap (Intertap or Nukatap) then click here for the Stainless Package deal

Mini Keg Sleeve - Add on here:
Gas Canisters for portable keg pouring  - Add on here:

As part of the package you also get the double ball lock spear with bleed valve. To attach to this you get the needed ball lock disconnects, a chrome brumby style beer tap for tap beer on the go, and to push the beer, our professional quality mini regulator (for 16g threaded CO2 canisters)

This package also includes a Sodastream Regulator Adapter which will allow you to use a Sodastream bottle (available from us separately) which lasts much longer than the smaller 16g canisters.

With the double ball lock spear screwed in, the mini keg has the same posts as your corny keg.

The package also includes a daisy chain beer line with disconnects on each end, one black and one grey.  This connects the liquid out post on the Cornelius keg to the gas in post on the mini keg.

Once connected in a daisy-chain type setup to your existing kegs, either with the tap on the mini keg or the mini keg attached to your Kegerator tower/tap, the mini keg will always be full, ready to disconnect and take with you at a moments notice. It also means you can disconnect the 19L keg when it is empty, clean it and refill it while still having the last 12 beers in the mini keg hooked up and on tap in your kegerator!




Ask a Question


Ask a Question
  • When having a mini keg daisy chained to your main keg with the co2 hooked onto main keg, do you have to carbonate the mini keg first? Or will the mini keg carbonate through the daisy chain from the main keg?

    Hi Glenn -
    Thanks for the question. Yes you will need to carbonate the mini keg first if it has uncarbonated beer in it.  Or if there is only beer in the large keg then carbonate that first then transfer it.

    The gas pressure for carbonating wont transfer through the daisy chain. Carbonating needs head space to occur.
    Cheers & let us know if you have any other questions.

  • What is the height and diameter or the 19l corny ?

    Hi Pete -
    The Dimentions of the 19L corny keg are: 214mm diameter x 629mm height

  • How do you know when the 19 ltr korny keg is empty?

    Hi Keith -
    There are a few ways to decide if its empty - either when no more beer is pouring out of it  - or you can weigh it and work out how much is left - An Empty keg is about 4kg - so if it was 5KG then there is about 1L left. You can also take it out of the fridge and let condensation appear which will show you the level.
    I hope this helps - Cheers -

  • With this set up you can force carbonate?

    Yes - Just attahc a Sodastream Cylinder as your gas source and you can force carb right away!

  • Are you based in new zealand

    Yes we are - Auckland.

  • Hi I'm looking to use this for a cocktail Despenser, using the mini keg on the bar counter and 19ltr sitting under bar counter. Also can it be easily hooked up to my Co2 at the same pressure as my beer kegs rather than having a separate soda stream bottle.

    Hi David - Cheers for the message,
    Yes this would work well for cocktails as you described.  And yes we could supply a co2 line with a pressure reducer in it so you can split your existing gas line and use with the kegs. You wouldn't need the Sodastream adapter then.  Message us back and we can work out a custom setup for you.

    Cheers - Andrew.

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