Nukatap Flow Control Beer Tap | Premuim Stainless Flow Control Keg Tap

The NukaTap Stainless Steel Flow Control Beer Tap Upgrade

These Flow Control Taps are Intertap Spout comparable - but much better as the tap has had a full upgrade!

What makes the Nukatap different among the other manufactured styles of taps on the market?
- First Pour Foam Reduction due to less Thermal Mass
- Improved Laminar Flow
- Most Sanitary Forward Sealing Design Design
- Longer Life Seals
- More Versatile Tap Handle Angle

These come with no tap handle so you can use any kind you like or use the handle from the standard iKegger packages

The standard chrome plated brass "brumby" style beer tap we include as standard on our kits uses a rear sealing design and needs to be cared for correctly and cleaned out regularly or possible beer residue can stick the tap shut until you take it apart and clean it.

The Nukatap Flow Control (FC) Stainless Steel model is the top of the range. It has all the advantages of the traditional Nukatap design but In addition to this, it also has the added advantage of the flow control leaver on the right hand side of the tap. This adjustment gives the operator full control over the flow speed. This makes balancing your beer lines super easy. This type of tap is typically suited to customers who are often switching from one beer style to the next and want maximum flexibility in their draft system. The Nukatap FC cannot be used with the shank spring so this tap should be manually turned off after use.

After extensive testing we have decided that these are the highest quality taps on the market.

Our Nukatap brand beer taps use a sliding shuttle that holds the o-ring perfectly in position allowing a more reliable connection to be made with the seal. This is what makes Nukatap the most reliable forward sealing design available in our opinion.

Another great advantage is the ability to unscrew the end of the spout and replace it with specialised connections that in other beer tap systems would require swapping the whole tap.

We have stout spouts available here (pictured above and below) that allow you to pour beautiful cascading head on your stout, just like a Guinness on nitro!

We also have the growler filling spouts.

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