iKegger 2.0 | Remote Gas Line & Sodastream Adapter

*PLEASE NOTE - DOES NOT INCLUDE KEG, TAP, REGULATOR OR DISCONNECT. Image is for reference of remote line in use.

Includes: 1m Gas Line, Sodastream Adapter, 2x 8mm Push Fittings & instructions

This remote gas line is only compatible with the iKegger 2.0 Regulator (which has a different size outlet to our previous regulator. The iKegger 2.0 regulator also comes with the pictured steel disconnect and a one-way valve in the box, these are not part of this package).

The remote gas line comes with the adapter that most people want in our years of experience: the Sodastream adapter. This allows using a 400g Sodastream gas bottle as a source of CO2 instead of disposable bulbs. These are available everywhere and cost about $25 to swap at Supermarkets or Hardware stores or Briscoes etc.

To expand on this you can also add either of the adapter below if you choose.

  • The 2.2L Gas bottle adapter allows using larger disposable gas bottles that have an m10 thread on them. You can get CO2, Nitrogen or Argon.
  • The Type 30 adapter allows you to use large refillable CO2 bottles, these are a standard type30 thread used in NZ & Australia for homebrew or pub-size CO2 bottles (often in 3kg, 3.5kg, 6kg or 8kg of gas bottle sizes)

The remote gas line goes between your keg and regulator allowing you to have them separate. Most of our kegs don't fit a SodaStream gas bottle easily directly on them so it's necessary to use the line to separate it from the keg. Because of the one-way valve included in the iKegger 2.0 regulator box you can lie the keg down and liquid can't go up the gas line to damage the regulator.

Other Accessories:
Drip Tray / Bar Mat:
Mini Size Drip Tray:
Mini Keg - Keg Stand - Anti-roll mat:
iKegger 2.0 Button Clip
iKegger 2.0 Remote Gas Line & Sodastream Adapter
iKegger 2.0 Multi Gas Mini Regulator
iKegger 2.0 Push Button Tap & Keg Spear

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