Intertap / Nukatap Stainless Stout / Coffee Tap | Beer tap with Stout spout

These are quality stainless beer taps with a stout spout installed. Either Intertap or Nukatap.

These come with a tap handle and have an interchangeable spout (screw on/off) which is compatible with the intertap range of spouts

Pour beautiful cascading head on your stout with this tap when using nitrogen to push the beer, just like a Guinness on nitro!

We also have the growler filling spouts.


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Ask a Question
  • Does the intertap/nukatap stout spout come with the seal?

    Hi Allan,
    If you mean the seal between the spout and if tap body then yes. All seals needed are included. Also the normal spout for the tap is also included.

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