Keg Pump | Party Pump | Hand Pump + Coupler + Tap for Commercial Keg.

This Party Hand Pump & thumb tap Kit provides an easy way to dispense a 50L commercial beer keg when you are away from electricity or don't have a CO2 cylinder.
Note: We recommend Beer must be drunk within 48 hrs as it can start to go flat after that.

Place the keg in a bucket of ice to keep it cool and pump the beer out at your own leisure. This reliable and simple setup is easy to use and requires no power, no gas cylinder and no regulator. It's really the easiest way to dispense a keg at a party.

Use: twist onto the keg clockwise and push the black lever down to lock in place. Usually a keg comes pre pressurised so the first few pours can be done without pumping at all. once the flow slows down give it a few pumps (don't pump too much).  The first pours will be foamy until the pressure drops. The key is to only have a small amount of pressure to push the beer out of the short beer line. The colder you keep the keg the less foamy it it will be.

- D-type keg coupler connection + hand pump + flexible beer line with bronco thumb tap
- For 50L, 30L, 20L Dtype kegs
- Easy to use
- No gas cylinder required - no jockey box needed
- No electricity required
- Plastic tap and beer line

Includes integrated D-type keg coupler +pump + flexible thumb tap

If you are serving a non NZ beer like Guinness (u type) or Asahi (s type) you will need a different coupler as stated in the brackets.

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Ask a Question
  • Hi, i have a coupler but looking for pump and tap. Is it possible to just buy those 2 things

    Hi Florence - Yes we have a hand pump + thumb tap that will screw onto a coupler - they are $99 on their own. Let us know if you would like one.

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