Silicone hose tubing 8.5mm OD 4.5mm ID - per meter

Silicone super flexible food grade hose minimum 1m length.
Order as much as you like - multiples of 1M will come in one long length.
8.5mm to 9mm outer diameter with a 4.5mm to 5mm inner diameter
(Approx 5/16 to 3/8 OD and 3/16 ID)

Great for beer line or dip tubes as well as gas line.  

Easy to make remote lines with or transfer lines or blow off tubes for fermenting or transfer of hot wort or hot liquid.

This line is used with either 10.5mm or 11.9mm stepless or worm clamps to secure fittings. We have an array or barb /horsetail fittings that will fit as well.

This line is food-safe and flexible.

We use this line as our dip tube in our mini kegs tapped sets.


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Ask a Question


Ask a Question
  • Hi, would this be suitable as part of a trampers hydration system (as a 'straw' from a water bottle to drink directly from)?

    Sure, I don't see why not at all.

  • Will this fit this? How much is shipping? thanks!

    Hi Bert, sounds like it will, yes.

  • Just wanting to check, will this tube fit on the barb of a carb cap?

    Yes it sure will  - thanks (c:

  • Do you still have 10mm line and if so what is the cost per metre

    I think we may have a few Meters left - send us an email to and let me know how much you are after.
    Cost is $4 per meter.

  • looking for 1/2 inch ID silicon tubing for micro brewery about 4 metres

    Hi Dennis -
    We can get this in if you like. Its 12.5mm ID & 18.5mm OD   The cost is $14 per meter however.
    Let me know if you want this and we can arrange a custom order.

  • Hi I have a USB tap that goes on a large water bottle ( supermarkets sell them) but am using it in my camper and need a longer tube. Do you have tubing that will fit these USB taps. I do not know the diameter of the tubing.

    Hi Debbie,
    Yes this silicon tube will most probably fit. It's pretty stretchy so will go over most barbed fittings up to 10 or 12mm 

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